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The Coronavirus Infects Fed Communications

"The recent emergence of the coronavirus, however"...

"The recent emergence of the coronavirus, however"...
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3 comments on “The Coronavirus Infects Fed Communications

  1. Tired of this BS

    The Street is wonderful in creating fears and risks, CBs fall into the trap and cut rates + pump liquidity. It’s always a pullback caused by some ad hoc inflated fears, then liquidity comes, and there you are with a rally higher in a few days above the levels of the pullback.

    create fear with detailed analyses (the end of the year scarce liquidity, the bad macrodata, the virus…help help!)
    FED+PBoC pump liquidity
    Here comes the rally

    and on and on and on

    The best policy is to create fears, never allow CB to remain on hold, always force them to add liquidity. And the party goes on. Buy the dip,and get ready to sell as soon as the next fear created by some analysts come. Go short a couple of days, then buy the dip again.

    • Always works — except when it doesn’t (2000, 2008). Nothing goes up for ever, CBs be damned.

  2. Also, the suggestion that virus will affect only China is somewhat optimistic. For example, I wonder about Africa – there is no cases because there is no cases or because there is no monitoring? And peoples from there traveling worldwide without restrictions (except for visas, of course).

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