Waterloo And ‘The People’

Waterloo And ‘The People’

"The White House might be less interested in enacting a $2 trillion deal if payments to individuals–one of the few components the President has emphasized recently– are unlikely to reach voters until after the election given the little time left," Goldman's Alec Phillips mused, in a note documenting some of the recent twists and turns in the fiscal stimulus soap opera stateside. That speaks to one of the many unfortunate realities of Beltway horsetrading. Political expediency comes first. A
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5 thoughts on “Waterloo And ‘The People’

  1. Mitch watches the Star Wars prequel trilogy and believes Emperor Palpatine is the good guy. “We will crush the Democratic Alliance and bring order to the galaxy.” Nothing like order via an iron boot on your neck.

  2. Trump could get a stimulus deal through the Senate. It’s a hard ball tactic and a pretty extreme so it would probably suit him. Threaten to withdraw (or if necessary actually withdraw) Amy Coney Barrett’s SCOTUS nomination and tell McConnell it will not be reinstated until the stimulus deal has reached his desk.

    It would alienate the Republican senators and the party establishment but would that concern him?

    1. Trump can’t do that, He need a solid Supreme court majority for when he’s out of office. Without it, it’s ‘go straight to jail do not pass go, do not collect 200 million clamshells’.

  3. Trump has no strategy… McConnell gets her confirmed and Trump signs off, the Senate campaign ads will blast the airwaves with “We are going broke!!!!” The “Law and Order” gambit is not working.Trump may want to sink McConnell if he figures out the game.

  4. McConnell isn’t the only culprit. There are just too many recalcitrant Republican Senators who either don’t accept the need for additional spending, or who can’t explain it to their constituents back home.

    McConnell is smart enough to know that passing a successful and broadly popular stimulus package would give him a better chance of maintaining Republican control of the Senate, but he will never bring any legislation to the floor if he doesn’t have the votes to pass it.

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