High Tech Depressions

High Tech Depressions

US equities screamed higher Monday, even as the path to a pre-election stimulus deal remained littered with obstacles and Democrats assailed Republicans for moving ahead with what Kamala Harris called an "illegitimate" confirmation process for Trump's third Supreme Court nominee. "A clear majority of Americans want whomever wins the election to fill this seat and my Republican colleagues know that," Harris said, addressing the Amy Coney Barrett hearing via video link. "Yet they are deliberately
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One thought on “High Tech Depressions

  1. We’re in an economic catastrophe with a best case of getting back to Jan 2020 levels by 2023. And there is no plan for how to recover, what to focus on, where to spend the money, whether to spin up apprenticeship programs or not, which industries to save and invest in, which to not. Blows me away what has befallen us.

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