Under The Hood Of The September Jobs Report

Under The Hood Of The September Jobs Report

The September jobs report, the last before the election, took a back seat Friday to the ostensibly earth-shattering news that both Donald Trump and Melania Trump are infected with COVID-19. In the very near-term, it's probably accurate to say that "hardly anything else matters", to quote Deutsche Bank's Alan Ruskin. But far from being a distraction, Trump's diagnosis should serve to underline the broader tragedy -- it should be a reminder of the human and economic toll the virus has extracted f
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One thought on “Under The Hood Of The September Jobs Report

  1. I don’t know if the difference between the white unemployment and African-American unemployment is so much a racial bias as an indication of the difference in the schooling systems they came from. Either way, change has to take place to even the playing field. I can’t remember hearing anything from the Trump organization putting much emphasis on improving the schools in predominately black and brown areas.

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