Immune Stocks Deaf To Bonds’ Whispered Warnings

Immune Stocks Deaf To Bonds’ Whispered Warnings

As evidence mounts to support the contention that economic activity in the US is leveling off, July payrolls looms especially large on the data horizon. The next jobs report is, for all intents and purposes, a giant question mark. It won't capture the most recent deterioration in the labor market, but it could reflect some of the economic impact from reinstated containment protocols in states experiencing COVID-19 flare-ups. The Trump administration and the market would like to see an encore a
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5 thoughts on “Immune Stocks Deaf To Bonds’ Whispered Warnings

  1. H,

    I appreciate your writing, but you’ve really outdone yourself with the cover art on this article! I doubt (hope?) you don’t do all of your own art, although you’ve mentioned Photoshop skills so no doubt you have the occasional dabble. Regardless, the compsition, tone and semantic are PERFECT on this one. Kudos!

    1. Everything is (for the most part) done by me personally. I don’t do the tech work (obviously) but everything on the content side, from story ideas, to the editorial stance, to most charts (except those which clearly come from analyst notes), to the cover art is all me. I mean, I didn’t take the photograph of the bird (haha) or blow those actual bubbles and take a picture of them, but all of the collages and banner image compilations are, in fact, created by me in Photoshop using open source images.

  2. If we are going to witness lower yields the next couple of weeks provide an ideal setting, imagine we end the week with lackluster employment numbers, no deal in DC and Trump tossing another wrench into US-Sino tensions, add seasonality and the 10s could see a 40 handle. Intriguing indeed, if yield are up on Monday I might consider a small TLT bet into month end…

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