How About $200 And A Get Well Soon Card?

"Time is running out", Nancy Pelosi said Monday, in a statement as more specifics of the GOP virus relief proposal came to light. "We have stood ready to negotiate for more than two months", she added, for emphasis. As expected, Republicans are angling to slash extra federal unemployment benefits from $600/week to just $200/week while states establish the administrative capacity necessary to implement the system teased by Steve Mnuchin, which will entail unemployed workers receiving 70% of thei

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6 thoughts on “How About $200 And A Get Well Soon Card?

  1. I detect private equity funds getting ready to distress-buy millions more housing units, as they did in 2009/10. Eviction moratorium won’t help if tenants end the moratorium with huge back rent bills.

  2. Whatever happened to the supposed GOP of yesteryear claims that only they understood how an economy functions? Now they are just a party of Moral Scolds. “We need to incentivize all those lazy, unemployed unfortunates return to the morally good labor pool”. Never mind, that over the half of the job positions lost aren’t yet there to go back to. Pull out the bridge financing just when citizens and businesses need it most to survive the GOP reopening bungling. SMH

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