It’s ‘Eerie’: One Bank Asks Whether Europe Is Now Japan

It’s ‘Eerie’: One Bank Asks Whether Europe Is Now Japan

Amid the "epic"/"historic"/[choose your own superlative] relent from developed market central banks that started in January when a procession of Fed speakers swiftly laid the groundwork for what would end up being a pair of exceptionally dovish policy statements aimed at allaying market concerns about overtightening in the face of a decelerating domestic economy, arguably the biggest worry is that policymakers are hamstrung in their capacity to deploy accommodative monetary policy in the service
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3 thoughts on “It’s ‘Eerie’: One Bank Asks Whether Europe Is Now Japan

  1. Gents, regardless of their failures, there are many smart people among the central bankers. Hence they will try to learn from the Japan experience, so please can we assess what they will do different. They even know that you go bankrupt first slowly and then quickly…..

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