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Chasing The Dragon: A ‘Blink For The Ages’

An "epic" reversal and the limits of "string pushing."

An "epic" reversal and the limits of "string pushing."
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3 comments on “Chasing The Dragon: A ‘Blink For The Ages’

  1. Image shows Brown being cooked while title reads ‘Chasing the Dragon’. The real Heisenberg wouldn’t make such an amateur mix-up.

    • or that was the highest rez 800 X 400 .gif I could find that didn’t pixelate when i pasted the html into the teaser box on the backend.

      i’m not playing around about pseudonym authenticity. one thing about me: if i say it and you had any way to verify it, it would check out. “my records ain’t got to sell.”

  2. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    We are past the point of no return when it comes to orthodox monetary policy. You may as well speak of reintroducing the gold standard or tally sticks. No, the only to go is forward. The big four Central Banks introduced over 11 trillion dollars of money into the economy with keystrokes since the Great Recession, and markets are still bitching about liquidity. Governments are the largest holders of government debt, and people will pay Germany and Japan 10,000 € or ¥ for the privilege of getting 9,900 back ten years from now. No, the problem is a lack of imagination in these pages and the lengths wealthy and connected people will go to ensure their wealth and power. If the brain can handle the concept of -0.03% interest at all, it can handle -10% or -20%. If governments can buy their own debt, they can buy FAANG + BAT ETFs. If the Fed can create four trillion dollars, it can create five or six or ten. The dollar will be fine. Japan hasn’t destroyed it’s currency yet. The Euro didn’t exist twenty-five years ago, and I think China has like two currencies. People will voluntarily pay $3,600 for a BitCoin or $582 for a share of Chipotle or invest in 100 year Argentine bonds. They will not accept the S&P to hit 2400.

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