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‘V’ Is For ‘V-Shaped’

Waiting on "a message".

Waiting on "a message".
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6 comments on “‘V’ Is For ‘V-Shaped’

  1. Marcia Southwick

    Don’t forget the buyback blackout period, or you can call it a “fraud free window” or you can call it trading without butterfly wings, tightrope walking with no net, etc… But don’t worry, everything’s awesome and bulls are being contrarian and avant garde… what could go wrong?

  2. Can always count on you H to help keep things in perspective.

    Standard news outlets, the internet, newspapers, TV – grateful to have your arguments and insight to help strip away the spin.

    • One thing I continually try to emphasize in this regard is that people should never assume that just because a site or a blog is not part of the “mainstream” media, that it’s “spin” free.

      in fact, most blogs are by definition full of spin, bias and misinformation and there are a couple of market-related blogs that are notorious for shamelessly pushing an agenda.

      what i try to do is bring you a combination of the best fact-based mainstream media reporting paired with my own opinion-based take on things with the latter informed by actual, formal training in political science and finance as opposed to, for instance, some other bloggers who might have worked at a bucket shop or two in their day but have no real credentials other than maybe an undergraduate degree.

      • When a source becomes part of the news like for instance Jeffery Gundlach,WSJ or CNBC it/he takes on the status of an indicator for all of us.. In this fast paced market every indicator has some form of ulterior motive. Feeding ones narcissism, money , power, glory, or Political gain.
        There are few exceptions and sorting it all out makes this a challenge for all of us. As one can see (lately) everyone that commits themselves takes the chance of being dead wrong or having flawed timing more than occasionally. In fact, we are competing against front running CTA’s whom in turn compete against one another
        H. you have said occasionally that you would attempt to be the most balanced news in our inbox.. Thank you are..!! It helps a lot getting honest context to help customize our strategy….

  3. Heis we still like you despite the formal training… This is a good way for you to stay off booze while introducing acamdemicians to financial markets… It’s a needed service… Keep it up

  4. Well, some of us also like you BECAUSE OF your formal training. 🙂
    Plus the incomparable writing style.

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