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Irony: Trump, Fearing Stock Selloff, Anxious To Strike Quick Trade Deal With China

Poetic justice.

Poetic justice.
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7 comments on “Irony: Trump, Fearing Stock Selloff, Anxious To Strike Quick Trade Deal With China

  1. Anonymous

    I thought our ‘stable genius’ said “Trade Wars are easy to win.” China wins in any quick deal, but the Donald will just declare “he won.” and move on to the next crisis of his own making. If he ‘owned ‘ the earlier stock market highs, he’ll also own the coming ‘swoon’ (but he’ll likely blame Powell or the Dems).

  2. Trump only cares about one thing: himself. He’s fighting for everything he’s been able to grift over the decades and will do what he has to hold on to it. Even with a “deal,” I’m not sure this ends well for the rest of us.

  3. H, glad you wrote this piece. It gets to the core of what’s wrong with the leadership in this country in a very logical and methodical manner. It’s ultimately tied to pride, arrogance and greed. When we sacrifice values and the motives behind our policy for greed we end up with nothing of any substance….

  4. Every time I turn around the great negotiator is negotiating from a position of weakness.

  5. Whatever you think of his politics, Lighthizer is intelligent and understands all the trade issues. You don’t get to be head of the Skadden Arps trade practice by being incompetent. Lighthizer might be the most intelligent person in the entire Trump administration (although he doesn’t have much competition). He is trying to make comprehensive changes, even addressing structural problems with the WTO. Rest assured that Trump has no idea or understanding of the issues, and cannot be educated. Mnuchin and Kudlow aren’t far behind. I’m sure Lighthizer is scared to death every time Trump gets involved in the negotiations, because Trump wants to be the decision maker, but is clueless about the issues and might commit to anything. And Lighthizer must also know that Trump’s patience can wear thin. When I heard about the 3 month truce, I thought it was a sign that Lighthizer was in trouble. The number of issues Lighthizer is addressing cannot be wrapped up in 3 months. Lighthizer must be using Navarro to try to keep Trump engaged. I’m impressed that Lightizer has been able to hold the line this long. I thought Trump would be inclined to declare a phony victory before the midterms. But how much longer can this go on? Trump can change in an instant, and has no understanding of the consequences of his actions or what is at stake in the negotiations. One day, someone will get to Trump, and Trump will throw a tantrum and discard all of Lighthizer’s work. Trump will declare victory and withdraw.

    • Harvey Cotton

      Trump often declares victory and withdraws, but somehow the ‘Derp’ State always maintains the present troop levels.

    • I agree, Lighthizer is a tough, ethical negotiator. He did an admirable job on NAFTA 2.0 (or USMCA, as Trump calls it) despite Trump thwarting an earlier ‘almost-agreement’ with new, last minute ‘Trumpian’ demands, which set negotiations back months and outside the ‘window’ where both the GOP-controlled Congress and Senate could have approved it and put it into an uncertain new Congress where the Democrats have announced their intentions to start ‘tinkering’ with it or not even bring it to a vote in 2019. SAD!

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