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From Tillerson To Barr To Mueller, A Mind-Bending Recap Of Trump’s Frantic Friday

Friday started out like any other day for the Trump administration...

Friday started out like any other day for the Trump administration...
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10 comments on “From Tillerson To Barr To Mueller, A Mind-Bending Recap Of Trump’s Frantic Friday

  1. This is like a bad soap opera. Writers just putting in the absurd to top the previous absurd drama in order to get viewers to turn in the next day. But sadly it is the reality of life in America today. I never expected the situation to be this crazy. The citizens in this country should not be subjected to a president like this but alas 2020 will be the opportunity to change it unless patriots step up and invoke the 25th amendment. If this man is sane, rational, and in control I am George Washington and will run in 2020.


    • Careful what you wish for. If we get rid of our stable genius we get a really scary far right wing nut named Pence. He feels the same way about women as the Saudis.

      • Stephen Andrew

        Thank you for pointing this out to readers of comments on H’s postings.

        Up here in Canada, I have long been making exactly the same point to those (and there are very, very many of them) who promote the impeachment of the vain, vacuous and vengeful 45th President.

        Please keep promoting this point. I agree it is a very scary uninteded consequence of impeaching Trump. Impeachment of Trump is, I feel sure, the reason that the odious Pence has sold his soul for in hanging-in with this “administration” (sic)

        well done , well said, keep it up

  2. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    Someone in the press corps needs to ask Trump what he thinks about the Chief Executive management guru who keeps appointing / hiring this lovely bunch of coconuts.

  3. What we have been told and read about and watched unfold all day yesterday and how deep in the mire we clearly see the ass in the oval room, it is only the outer edge of what we will eventually know. I think it will get much worse than we can imagine. Absolutely nothing will surprise me.

    I’ve added more popcorn to my grocery list.

  4. It continues to amuse me watching people who have zero knowledge of how the feds go about prosecuting cases like this try to explain it all. The case is going nowhere. Mueller will report out a flimsy obstruction of justice case. If there was some kind of “collusion” case we would have known it by now. Big question is whether Don Jr. gets indicted – the thinking being that a pardon before 2020 might reduce Trump’s chances of reelection.

    • You really should change your TV channel for the real news.

      On the other hand, people who believe all that shit on Fox really amuse me! btw, it’s actually cases, not case.

      • I don’t watch cable news very much. It’s soul sucking and I feel sorry for people who do, but thanks anyway. Since you’re such a whiz, what exactly are the “cases”? I used the singular because this is all supposed to be about a conspiracy with Russia to steal the election from the impossibly qualified other candidate. Lying to the feds? Right. I generally avoid wishing bad things on other people, but I do hope that certain people who think federal prosecutors are modern day white knights someday get to experience first-hand what happens when you’re in their crosshairs. If wishes were fishes…

        • So many thoughts rushing thru my head as I read your comment! First, to your last sentence – feds are there to help the law abiding folks who have no reason to fear or be in the cross hairs and most important, if you are asked questions – don’t lie to the feds. easy peasy.

          There are so many players in trump’s game and each one brings baggage. As Mueller calls it, I believe, The Moscow Case – aka Russia connection to election. That was the beginning which uncovered other bad deeds. Then election/campaign fraud and various misdeeds such as a variety of illegal campaign donations… and also illegal use of campaign funds. When questions were asked, answers were lies. There were accidental discoveries, i.e. that bullshit Trump Foundation which trump used as his personal account to be used as he pleased and accounting entries were made to deceive and cover for the illegal uses. Using his position as President for personal financial gains. I heard something about tax fraud too. There’s more but that’s a good start. Oh, and not only federal crimes but also state crimes. And Mueller has only released the beginning of the issues and half the data remains redacted so we don’t yet know all the potential charges.

          You can probably Google and get a longer list — or read prior issues from Heisenberg! I would suggest you do some research before you make ridiculous comments about a “flimsy case” of obstruction of justice. And yes, that is also on the list, more than once.

          And don’t feel sorry for people who are actually informed and care about what is happening to our country. Just reading your comments it is very clear that you are one of trump’s favorites, “uneducated” as he called you.

  5. Breaking News – Chief of Staff Kelly leaving by the end of the year. It’s probably been the worst ~2 years of that ex-Marine’s life. If T-Rex, is a ‘rock’, Kelly is ‘scissors’, and the Donald is ‘paper’ …a thin veneer, blowing in the wind with his latest ‘instincts’, many of which are either illegal or screw long-standing allies or against Congress-approved treaties. Oh my!

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