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Contingencies: Full Week Ahead Preview

A full docket.

A full docket.
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3 comments on “Contingencies: Full Week Ahead Preview

  1. David Marilley

    Jeff Snider begs to differ re. overheating. I have to agree, and so do Eurodollar futures.

    • Yeah, well, Jeff Snider has never seen an upbeat economic variable that he doesn’t want to argue with. That’s great and all. And it’s entertaining to read. But I can’t add a 3,000-word footnote every time I use the words “overheating” and “labor” and “market” in the same sentence.

  2. To be fair Giovanni Tria also said that Italy will respect the 3% budget limit. I have the feeling that both Salvini and Di Maio are less stubborn with their implementation of electoral programme after seeing how things developed in the Italian bond (and stock) market. The whole yield curve, from 6 months bills to 2-10 years bonds, jumped 60bp in the primary market. They are realizing that this is not only a matter of a secondary market selloff that can be deemed as exagerated. Demand remains strong during auctions, with a ratio 2:1 between demand and offer, but the market clears with yields at 3.20% instead of 2.70-80%.

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