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‘You’re Going The Wrong Way!’

"Oh, they're drunk. How would they know where we're going?"

"Oh, they're drunk. How would they know where we're going?"
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6 comments on “‘You’re Going The Wrong Way!’

  1. steven becker

    best day i ever had in the markets. that’s 45 years of this @^#$&*%#^**.
    yes i understand the issues–bigly they are.
    and i do think this is a short term trade–6 to 12 months maybe.
    at this point–it looks like it will be a bond rout–but once again we can only hope it doesn’t come crashing down tomorrow. it could.
    no guts no glory.
    good luck all–i know i am going to need it.
    thanks again Mr. H–love the humor and insight!
    you have been a great help making me money–and that’s what counts.

    • Your a better man than I, the fact the 10 yr disconnected with the overall market threw me.

      • Lance
        i think i am not. i was sick and tired of being short.
        under advice i made a big short term trade, still holding a fair amount of qid. sds, bis and the vxx. i’m still a big loser in the vixx.
        i am setting up backet trades for a sell now and everything with trailing stops (rarely to they respect limit stops). assuming i can get out.

        the bond thing–i am short just like everyone else. i chose long dated put options and average in with proffit. doing very well there.
        i was hoping to see 3 to 12 months up in the cost of manufactured materials, an inflationary tilt. things like battery storage or rare earth metals. also a big play in uranium and OBOR positions. the one belt one road thing is going to be big. china is going to own Greece. that’s a good place to build lots of big stuff–they already are.

        i hope Mr H and his buds weigh in some more on the bond issue. what is the damn breaking point???–a lot of guessing around 3.0 but i think it will be a little higher. i also think we could get another round of qe kind of like the one we just got (infrastructure spending) and or more bond buying buy the fed. eu is doing it.
        it’s the big kick the can one last time that’s for sure(i think).
        any thoughts on the bond issue??
        that was a long read–just need to vent–stress and all–hahaha.

  2. PS
    big money has to go somewhere. the question is where.
    any ideas–anyone??
    this is not one of my original thoughts–kind of wish it was.

  3. I’ve been catching up on all your articles, and more often than not I’m not smart enough to figure out what you think should be obvious to me. So, I was especially grateful for this line:

    “If you were buying stocks on Wednesday after that CPI print, you’re John Candy. 10Y yields are the couple in the other car.”

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