If It Bleeds.

If It Bleeds.

For years, the rally and the mindless masses who have perpetuated it in the face of epochal geopolitical shifts (e.g. the rise of populism), debt crises (e.g. Europe's sovereign debt debacle), the winds of war (e.g. North Korea and Syria), and all manner of other stumbling blocks that by all rights should have given skeptics some respite, mercilessly hunted the bears and summarily slaughtered them with a cold precision and efficiency befitting of an alien hunter stalking human prey with advanced
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4 thoughts on “If It Bleeds.

  1. A very heartwarming rendition, a real confidence builder. I feel like a fighter on the ropes and there is still 2:38 still left in the round. Time to hold on and take the beating. Guess what? Were only in the second round of this 12 round banger.

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