Let’s All Talk About Steve Bannon’s Egregious Roy Moore Rally, Ok?

Let’s All Talk About Steve Bannon’s Egregious Roy Moore Rally, Ok?

It was karaoke night at a Fairhope, Alabama dive bar on Tuesday, which presumably explains why a bleary-eyed, disheveled homeless man was allowed to get up on stage and ramble about establishment conspiracy theories. I'm just kidding. That is of course former White House chief strategist, failed Hollywood screenwriter, and former Goldman banker pretending to care about the Middle Class, Steve Bannon. Bannon showed up at a rally for Senate hopeful and alleged child predator Roy Moore last n
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3 thoughts on “Let’s All Talk About Steve Bannon’s Egregious Roy Moore Rally, Ok?

  1. I applaud Flake for taking a stand and wish more of those parasites would also BUT seriously, anyone can write a check, paste picture of it on twitter or whatever, “send” your tweet, tear up your stupid little check – could have made it for at least $1,000 — if this is “evidence” he could have easily just said he sent a check and not bother with this ridiculous copy. Would have made a better impact if a $1,000 check was copied and pasted AFTER it cleared the bank.

    All this shit is like some grade D game show.
    Especially if you top it off with that disgusting speech ragamuffin Bannon spewed upon Romney family – this class of clowns have taken the United States to a despicable low level campaign with equally disgusting low level candidates!

    OH, and you can ice that cake with “The President has tremendous moral standards …”

  2. this whole tax reform escapade that people (?) are buying, or at least not complaining loud enough about, smack of orwellian doublespeak.

    these SALT discussions always leave out (and FOX would Never reveal) how CA, NY, CT, MA and other areas that have high local taxes, generally vote Democrat….are all already NET PAYERS into the federal govt. The South and Western states are all NET RECEIVERS of Federal largesse….who exactly suckles at the teet of the Cetnral Govt swamp?

    this bill furthers the ‘tax-donkey’-ness of the middle and upper middle classes while the rich give them selves tax breaks. its just unbeleiveable really.

  3. I heard an excerpt of Moore’s speech at this event. It went something like “I think they are worried about me bringing Alabama values to Washington”. Well if those values include accepting pedophilia, the is yes we are worried.

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