A Dumb As Shit, Hopelessly Idiotic, Crazy Moron: What Michael Wolff Says Trump’s Associates Think Of Him

It’s probably safe to say that whatever was left of Donald Trump’s sanity has flown the coop over the past 24 hours.


Let’s All Talk About Steve Bannon’s Egregious Roy Moore Rally, Ok?

It was karaoke night at a Fairhope, Alabama dive bar on Tuesday, which presumably explains why a bleary-eyed, disheveled homeless man was allowed to get up on stage and ramble about establishment conspiracy theories.

Kellyanne Conway Says You’d Be Super Excited If She Were “Shot And Killed” On Saturday

“Half of Twitter would explode in applause.”

Kellyanne Conway Outed On Twitter Leaking To WaPo, Mocking Trump, Priebus

“Honestly, what the fuck”…

“We’ve Got To Turn This Around” – 30 Trump Staffers Held Secret “Rebranding” Meeting Last Week

“One hundred days is the marker, and we’ve got essentially two-and-a-half weeks to turn everything around,” said one White House official. “This is going to be a monumental task.”

Cartoon Break (“Kellyanne Spinning”)

Divert, obfuscate, power.

A Day After Conway’s “Microwavegate”, WaPo Describes “Professor Trump’s History Class”

“Children sitting in Professor Trump’s history class would learn that Obama was America’s first Muslim president; that his co-religionists celebrated in the streets following the 9/11 attacks; that their vaccination schedule is the dangerous scam of greedy doctors; that Ted Cruz’s father might have been involved in the death of John F. Kennedy”…

Kellyanne Conway Is “Not Inspector Gadget,” And Is Also “Not In The Job Of Having Evidence”

“I’m not Inspector Gadget and I don’t believe people are using the microwave to spy on the Trump campaign. However, I have… I’m not in the job of having evidence.”

Trump’s Kellyanne Conway Says Your Microwave Is Spying On You, Twitter Responds

“Microwaves that turn into cameras, etc. We know this is a fact of modern life.”