Kellyanne Conway Outed On Twitter Leaking To WaPo, Mocking Trump, Priebus

Kellyanne Conway Outed On Twitter Leaking To WaPo, Mocking Trump, Priebus

It’s long been rumored that Kellyanne Conway isn’t the Trump fan she claims to be when the cameras are rolling.

Which, if true, is too bad for Trump because when it comes to being shamelessly dishonest and distorting reality, nobody does it like Kellyanne.

In fact, she’s almost too good at her job. From “alternative facts” to “microwave” surveillance to “Bowling Green,” Conway’s bold-faced lies became so cartoonish that even Trump felt compelled to sideline her.

It’s almost like he said “Kellyanne, I know I lie every time I open my mouth, but the shit you say is so ridiculous even I can’t pretend it’s true.

But again, some people contend that Conway actually despises Trump. You can take this with a grain of salt given the source, but do recall what Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski said about Conway earlier this year. To wit:

This is a woman, by the way, who came on our show during the campaign and would shill for Trump in extensive fashion, and then she would get off the air, the camera would be turned off, the microphone would be taken off, and she would say, ‘Blech. I need to take a shower. Because she disliked her candidate so much.

Well on Friday, this popped up on an anonymous Twitter account:






Here’s Politico

FIRST IN PLAYBOOK: FROM HADAS GOLD: KELLYANNE CONWAY was overheard Thursday night talking about her West Wing co-workers to fellow revelers at a party. Conway was having an off-the-record conversation with a group of reporters and other attendees at the British Embassy at their election-night watch party. She said President Donald Trump told her to “go out there and say ‘Jim Comey is going to have to wait and see about the tapes.’”

“I mean, that’s basically the same thing as ‘no comment,’” she said. Conway also mimicked Reince Priebus urging White House aides to stop leaking, and wondered aloud what Marc Short — the legislative director — does all day. She also said she is “the one catching the slings and arrows in the West Wing.” The source who heard Conway created a Twitter account about the evening, naming it @kellyanneleaks and posting photos and tweets from the event. Two other sources confirmed Conway’s remarks.

And from Newsweek:

Trump had referenced the possibility of tapes in a tweet on May 12, one day after a report by The New York Times cited two sources’ knowledge of a dinner Trump had with Comey in January during which the president allegedly asked the former top law enforcement official for “loyalty.” Comey claimed that in his statement for the record and backed it up in his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday morning.

Comey also said he wrote memos of his conversations with the president, unlike under President Barack Obama, because he was worried Trump might lie about what transpired.

Trump responded Friday afternoon that Comey was lying and that he would be willing to testify under oath, opening the possibility that he would be the fourth sitting president in the country’s history to present testimony to Congress.

The Twitter account claimed Conway was speaking to two Washington Post reporters and the D.C. paper’s White House Bureau Chief “loudly.

Needless to say, if this turns out to be true, Trump will lose his shit completely.

And wouldn’t it be funny to discover that the President’s staunchest ally and most vocal defender turns out to be someone who despises him just as much as the rest of us…


2 thoughts on “Kellyanne Conway Outed On Twitter Leaking To WaPo, Mocking Trump, Priebus

  1. I dunno for sure….maybe have to flip a coin on that last question. Heads, she is a lying slug for cheating her boss with her pretense of adoration while counting the money she is making; Tails, she’s a good actor who will win the Emmy for her performance in this realty TV show.

    That’s a ‘win win’ for us in that Trump is gonna hate her either way, heads or tails! She humiliated him and got his money AND got that Emmy he still is pissed he didn’t win! hahaha! Fuck ’em all.

    – Murphy

  2. KellyAnne Conway got a dufus, arrogant blowhard elected President of the United States. Her candidate didn’t even have the backing of half of his own party, including two former Republican Presidents, and most senior Congress persons. This little insider gossip pales in relationship to her historical accomplishment.

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