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Volatility Collapses (Again) As Investors Cling To Goldilocks Outlook On Brexit Wednesday

It’s quiet out there. Well, except for that whole UK officially leaving the EU thing. As outlined earlier this morning,
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2 comments on “Volatility Collapses (Again) As Investors Cling To Goldilocks Outlook On Brexit Wednesday

  1. Jack says:

    A setback for The New World Order.

  2. Curt Tyner says:

    These fools (who else but the Fed) are living in a glass house telling the 99% of us not to throw those rocks in our hands because we have all these jobs and not quite enough inflation in our lives. REALLY, we should be thankful for THIS job growth, inflation-less life while the fed thinks of us when making these incredibly horrendous decisions on OUR behalf. The Fed hands out fiat $$$$ like candy to greedy banksters who literally give to their cronies (the lions of Bullsh*t) to keep this ponzi scheme rolling. They now need almost $4’s to create the illusion that “it’s all good” of $1 in growth, does anyone? think this is sustainable. Pretty sure these “Fed/Fat Cats” don’t look at the bill if they ever go shopping. The Fed has a lot plates spinning right now and with a couple small missteps or one major event …………They lie with such straight faces. Stay agile folks.

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