Here’s Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Message To The World

Here’s Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Message To The World

As discussed in these pages on numerous occasions over the past week or so, Chinese President Xi Jinping is keen on using his address at Davos to position Beijing as the torchbearer for free trade and global governance. Xi's visit to the World Economic Forum comes amid a populist surge in Europe and the US that threatens to replace progressivism and multiculturalism with populism and nationalism. Here's how I put it on Monday evening in "Western Democracy’s Last Stand: Merkel Versus Trum
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3 thoughts on “Here’s Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Message To The World

  1. Your statement “the savior of Western democratic ideals may well end up being a communist.” is a remarkable. Just to be sure, you are referring to the individual that leads the country (China) that:

    -maintains governance through the arcane politburo process

    – Amnesty International in their World 2015-2016 report states China is “escalating crackdown against human rights defenders and a series of sweeping laws in the name of ‘national security’.”

    -is building and fortifying military bases in the South China Sea

    -is failing to visibly exert a stabilizing influence on their neighbor North Korea

    And these circumstances and events have taken place at a time when the “progressives” have been at the zenith of their power. Have you considered the possibility that such failures (and many more) have fueled the disgust of the populations of the countries that turned the ‘progressives’ out? Would such failures not have likely caused the downfall of any particular political ideology in a democracy?

  2. Xi: “Any attempt to cut off capital flows is not possible and runs counter to historic trends” … really? China doesn’t have restrictions on capital outflows?

    Xi: “Most pressing task is to steer global economic out of sluggishness” … central planning and control, is such a great feature of communism (and Brussels/EU) … allows “to steer” economies (including malinvestment), huh?

    China’s growth in debt (including so called non-debt ‘investments’) seem to be China’s solution in the recent past … how successful has this been in steering it’s economy out of sluggishness? …

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