Western Democracy’s Last Stand: Merkel Versus Trump

Western Democracy’s Last Stand: Merkel Versus Trump

I've long contended that Angela Merkel is the last line of defense for Western democracy which, as hyperbolic as it may sound, is under siege. The rising tide of nationalism perpetuated by Donald Trump in the US, Theresa May in the UK, Marine Le Pen in France, and Frauke Petry in Germany, threatens to upend the post-World War II international order in favor of a system based on a kind of "us against them" mentality where the definition of "them" depends on whether we're talking about trade or i
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2 thoughts on “Western Democracy’s Last Stand: Merkel Versus Trump

  1. Irrespective of whether or not his opinion of Merkel was rehearsed, it doesn’t change the fact that it is true.
    Her immigration policy while well intended, is a disaster. I go back to Europe now and I do not recognize the Europe of my childhood. Unlike the U.S., Europe was never intended as an immigratory melting pot.

  2. H. Although I agree with you regarding the obvious rise of national populism , Merkel retain her Chancelorship, with a reduced majority. The bulk of Germans are no longer populists, as they have had the effect of that issue drummed into their heads for the last 70 years, with the constant flow of movies etc. I guess there may be a time when the Germans get sick and tired of being reminded of their ancestors actions, and say to hell with it.

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