Bill Barr Comes For Google

Bill Barr Comes For Google

"Way" back on May 16, I wondered if Donald Trump would gamble 20% of the US stock market in pursuit of his grudge against big-cap tech. At the time, the president had just finished up one of his signature Saturday Twitter marathons. “The Radical Left is in total command and control of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google”, Trump declared, in one of nearly three-dozen tweets and retweets posted by lunchtime that day. The irony of making the claim via tweet was apparently lost on the pres
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6 thoughts on “Bill Barr Comes For Google

  1. Wow. What a risk to the climbing S&P5. Considering that everything, at least, to me, it seems, is always and everywhere political to the current administration, I found it difficult to understand why they are doing this now.

    I knew you’d post on this.

    This was supposed to be the Democrats bait. Each party has their own rationale. But this news today was a surprise. You have to think that Amazon is also on Barr’s radar. Will be interesting to see the rationale against Google. We know there business model. This will take years to play out. Weird.

    Should be an interesting September to trade.

  2. In a Fox interview in May trump said Rs would scoff at voting twice (or something to that effect). Now do it to make sure you are counted.

    To quote the Toadie Pence, his word is his bond………………

  3. Personally I find Facebook to be the worst of the bunch in terms of privacy, data collection, allowing the spread of misinformation, etc.
    I trust GOOG, AMZN, AAPL so much more than FB.
    But then Zuck shows up in DC for a day or two, makes the rounds of the capital, and everyone goes silent about breaking up FB.
    I wonder why that is.,,,

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