‘This Was Not A Rally To Take Seriously’

‘This Was Not A Rally To Take Seriously’

Global equities took the largest selloff in US shares since June largely in stride, although obviously, there was some spillover in Asia. The consensus on Friday morning ahead of the long US weekend, was that the tech cappuccino stateside needed some of the froth scraped off the top after a blistering run that left the Nasdaq 100 trading ridiculously wide to its 200-day moving average and pushed the S&P to the most overbought since January of 2018 (among other silly statistics). Thursday's
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2 thoughts on “‘This Was Not A Rally To Take Seriously’

  1. Looks like Softbank has been outed. Honestly, could writers have scripted a more melodramatic and unrealistic story than 2020? This is like a show that has run out of ideas so the plot lines get more and more ludicrous.

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