Will Trump Gamble 20% Of The US Stock Market To Pursue Big Tech Grudge? ‘Stay Tuned!’

The fate of the US equity market is now more closely tethered to the fortunes of the five largest companies than ever before. "Coming into 2020, the five largest S&P 500 stocks accounted for 18% of index market cap, matching the share at the peak of the Tech Bubble in March 2000", Goldman’s David Kostin wrote last month, on the way to noting that "since then, those stocks (Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook) have risen to account for 20% of market cap". That figure rose higher
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8 thoughts on “Will Trump Gamble 20% Of The US Stock Market To Pursue Big Tech Grudge? ‘Stay Tuned!’

  1. Tim Cook must also grapple with the fact that his company is largely driven by a single, premium-priced, DURABLE consumer product. Folks don’t actually need a new iPhone every 2 years. As with the cars in their garages, they can simply choose to “drive” their phones a little longer, if the household budget is tight.

  2. “The Radical Left is in total command & control of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google.”

    He’s gonna do something… Something bad.

  3. Of course he will. Every action Trump takes is exactly 180 degrees wrong, nasty, and designed to harm at least one group of those he considers to be “enemies” or losers or too blue or whatever. He’s risking all our lives right now. I had a long-time client, who in general I respected a good deal. What he paid me built my house, sent my kid to an expensive college and provided a foundation for my portfolio. He once said that his definition of a true leader was that it was: “Someone who would take you to a place to which you would not otherwise go.” For a while I thought that was rather perceptive until I realized it was a perfect description of Hitler and others of his ilk who “lead” many to very dark places, much like those to which we are headed today.

  4. Donald J. Trump will change his focus to get the most possible votes. He will talk less about how great the stock market is doing and he will tweet more about 1. Vilifying FAAMG and 2. Touting job growth between now and the election to promote his populist credentials.

  5. Little trumpie doesn’t like Bezos because of the truthful reporting of the Post but also because Bezos is 200+ times wealthier than him.

    Bottom line, little trumpie can’t handle the truth and true success.

  6. This assault on FAAMG by Trump and the ever present hostility towards this group by members of both parties is one of the (many) reasons China is likely to eat our lunch sooner rather than later. Yes these companies have not always been perfect corporate citizens and no corporation should be above sensible regulation, but they also represent one of the few areas of our productivity and ingenuity where the US is still clearly superior to China. The battle for tech dominance in the future depends largely on the ability of Chinese companies to play catch up to FAAMG, all of these companies and their social media arms have become part of the fabric of everyday life in many places around the globe, except in China. So long as people anywhere outside the US can access WhatsApp, Instagram, google terms, or buy an iPhone the US can retain an edge in message and information flow. Once Trump or the other morons in DC cripple these companies instead of weaponizing against China, the world will belong to Alibaba, Bidu, YY, TikTok and other tech powerhouses of Chinese origin. We won’t be able to regulate or break down those companies to prevent them from spreading their CPC tailored message to the planet, game over. Then again, I believe we lost this game a while ago, Washington can only accelerate the moment of final capitulation.

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