Thoughts, Prayers, And Precious Metals

Thoughts, Prayers, And Precious Metals

Friday picked up where Thursday left off -- with a spate of wildly bad macro data, courtesy of heinous second quarter GDP numbers out of Europe. Nobody was surprised, but humanity's penchant for ogling car accidents made the associated visuals difficult to ignore, as "stale" as the information most assuredly is. Lost in those visuals was a better-than-expected read on inflation. The flash read for eurozone CPI in July showed a 0.4% YoY gain, double estimates. The core print was 1.2%, well ahea
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5 thoughts on “Thoughts, Prayers, And Precious Metals

  1. This administration will get what it wants. Poor people banging on the side door of churchs begging for food for their starving children. This is when it becomes pathetic that we call ourselves a great nation.

    1. At least Trump will finally have that lasting legacy he so desperately wants. Much like Hoover has Hoovervilles, Trump will have Trumptowns.

      Anyone else having an unusually solemn sense of depression setting in today?

  2. I said it on November 9, 2016, “Big Money is setting up DJT to be the next Hoover”.
    LOT of chuckles on that one, but I get the last laugh.
    30 and 10 year cycles converged in March.
    I’m not that prescient, but once in a while I listen to the smarter-than-me guys.
    Thanks Dr. H

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