Promises, Promises

Promises, Promises

US equities "crashed" up, in predictable fashion into the cash close on Tuesday, as the very same "accelerant" dynamics play out day after day, exacerbating directional moves and momentum overshoots. The Dow recaptured nearly 1,200 points after Monday's grievous 2,000-point bloodbath left the Trump administration in disarray over how to stanch the bleeding. Of course, this can all go up in smoke in futures overnight - or not. Who knows anymore. Ultimately, the narrative now revolves around sti
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9 thoughts on “Promises, Promises

  1. Helping out cruise lines – WTF? Not registered in US – Don’t pay US corporate taxes, and staffed almost exclusively by those from the developing world….

    What happened to all Mafia Don’s criticism of Obama for helping the banks and US auto companies (and getting repaid + whicg he and the REps never mention)

    Just more BS from the BS’er-in-Chief…

  2. How much fiscal stimulus and QE is it going to take to finally get some inflation? Let’s push it to the limit and find out! Mr. Market needs to be shown inflation is still possible

  3. If not for that tax cut gibberish headline the markets would have been down another 5%. You are right about this being a bear market rally. Why don’t we just cancel trading on the markets for the rest of the quarter that way it can’t go down anymore…. Problem solved

  4. The freight train of confidence keeps rolling downhill. Forget the stock market- swap spreads are widening vs. risk free assets such as OIS. Corporate bond spreads keep gapping out. You know it is trouble when the stock jockeys start talking about balance sheet strength rather than earnings growth, valuations, cash flow or P/E ratios. The jockeys are scared. So there will be rallies when too many go to the short side of the boat. But unless there is some major fiscal interventions/stimulus the rivets are going to pop on the submerged submarine until the boat can be repaired…

  5. Lmao Trump is like a giant child, being so loud you can’t ignore him, barking orders that usually mean nothing, sometimes getting his way, and is generally non-sensical. Definitely what you want your leader to be through a crisis!

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