Getting Involved.

Getting Involved.

"I hope the Fed gets involved, and I hope they get involved soon", Donald Trump said at the White House on Friday afternoon, after the closing bell sounded on the worst week for US stocks since 2008. Asked if the chaos on Wall Street qualifies as an economic crisis, Trump was non-committal. "I think that basically it’s the unknown a little bit", he managed. "But I feel very confident". The president is certainly free (perhaps even obligated) to feign bravery in the face of grave danger, b
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3 thoughts on “Getting Involved.

  1. The whole market system has been honed thin as a thread to maximize equity performance rendering a situation that is not resilient to any event that is out of the ordinary and can’t be countered by tossing more funny money into the equation…How’s that for a simple explanation….!!!! ????

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