‘No More Obama!’ Trump Threatens To ‘Obliterate’ Iran After Rouhani Calls Him Mentally Handicapped

John Bolton's famous mustache is twitching.

John Bolton's famous mustache is twitching.
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12 comments on “‘No More Obama!’ Trump Threatens To ‘Obliterate’ Iran After Rouhani Calls Him Mentally Handicapped

  1. Quovadiszero

    Does it bother anyone else how T rump conducts international diplomacy with name calling tirades…..he is such an em’bareass’ment.

  2. But why did the Iranians feel compelled to “poke the bear” like that? It really makes no sense.

    • Anonymous

      Have we been given any compelling evidence that Iran was behind the bombing of the oil tankers? Have we seen any evidence that our drone didn’t violate Iranian airspace?

      At this point, I’m not entirely convinced that the Iranians have “poked the bear”. It could just have easily been another actor in the Middle East that bombed those tankers and set this into motion. The Saudis would certainly benefit from an escalation in tensions between the US and Iran and it wouldn’t be entirely out of character for Mr. BoneSaw (MBS) to order something like this.

      • I was referring to the tone of the response. Makes no sense.

        • Sure it does. America is existentially blighted with a megalomaniacal asshole grifter and Babyman mirror whore: he’s a DSM5-infested racketeer and, though not mentally retarded, is certainly very mentally ill. Scummo and his trumpFilth GOPer goose-steppers love the “straight talk” blather – so why shouldn’t heads of other countries jam the same epithetical aggression right back up his lazy poltroon lard ass?

  3. Anonymous

    His own (former) Cabinet Secretaries wave questioned Trump’s mental state.

  4. I think I am going to go with Rex Tillerson’s evaluation of the President’s mental capacity.

  5. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    Maybe Iran is engaging in the Pyongyang School of American Foreign Policy. Engage in a Twitter beef with the dotard, send him a big, beautiful letter to assuage his fee-fees, arrange a personal meet and greet dangling the chance for Trump to get Establishment press love and a Nobel, promise nothing, commit Trump to express his undying love for Tehran and the Ayatollahs, and then do everything the same way and get Trump to undercut his own Administration.

  6. Hey Mitch. It’s not too late to step in and stop the madness. But it may be soon. So you hate America so much you’re willing to have him flush it down the toilet while you stand there and watch it happen.

  7. If a drone was over my air space, I would probably shoot it down too. They are each trying to see what they can get away with.

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