Oddly, Consumer Confidence Collapses During Historically Tremendous ‘Month Of June’

Oddly, Consumer Confidence Collapses During Historically Tremendous ‘Month Of June’

On Monday, Donald Trump made a grandiose claim on Twitter. In and of itself, that's not "news". He makes grandiose claims all the time. But this one was particularly silly and because it accompanied a new nickname for the Fed ("stubborn child") it grabbed headlines. Specifically, Trump claimed that, despite the Fed's efforts to stop him, he had succeeded in engineering - and this is a direct quote - "one of the best Months of June in US history". That's pretty bold, even for Trump. After all,
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One thought on “Oddly, Consumer Confidence Collapses During Historically Tremendous ‘Month Of June’

  1. Fed cuts will only embolden people to go long at exactly the wrong time. This “expansion” is already stretched to the max. It can’t go on much longer without shaking out unproductive assets and shuffling the remaining pieces. This is the nature of the economic cycle. Without significant population growth or massive increases in productivity through new technologies, all we can do is become more efficient with our productive assets. Destroying trade relations, closing your borders, and threatening to sanction non-hostile foreign entities is exactly the wrong thing to do, especially at this stage, and 50bps ain’t gonna change that. Then to top it off, these clowns are gonna try to weaponize the USD by targeting Chinese banks.

    Think about things from China’s perspective. You have decades of mutually beneficial growth to the point China is developed country. Had the US gone to China to discuss grievances in good faith, especially with our allies, we would have likely walked away with everything we wanted and a stronger alliance. China is not stupid, they know their IP theft and other BS practices couldn’t possibly last. But the way team Trump approached things was utterly fucking stupid. They only pissed off the Chinese government, polarized the entire population of China, and vaporized any semblance of trust and cooperation. Nothing short of a Xi bending the knee then bending over to get fucked would have sufficed. So now they are making long term plans to isolate the US and reduce global reliance on USD. China is thinking in decades while the US thinks until the next reelection campaign.

    I literally have no idea how an actual foreign agent in the Oval Office would be more effective. MAGA = Make America Go Away

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