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When Is A Dove Not A Dove? Bullard, Powell Tuesday Tag Team Fails To Inspire

"We are human and we make mistakes".

"We are human and we make mistakes".
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4 comments on “When Is A Dove Not A Dove? Bullard, Powell Tuesday Tag Team Fails To Inspire

  1. Trump wants a weak dollar, lower interest rates, plus tariffs against virtually the world, maybe he’ll also get higher inflation and stagflation to go with it. What happens then?

    • Harvey Darrow Cotton

      Trump will tweet that it is fake noos and then blame Obama / Hillary Clinton / Nancy Pelosi / Jerome Powell / Radical Islamic Terrorists / Mexicans / China / transsexuals / Jeff Sessions / Rosie O’Donnell / John McCain / CNN / deflation / you / me / Heisenberg / anyone else in the world except himself.

  2. Fortunately the goalposts can be equipped with wheels …training wheels that is…..

  3. I just listened to the Bullard interview, and it seems to me the market is making way too much of it. Bullard said that today, he doesn’t see the justification for a 50 basis point cut. What else could he say? A few days ago, he just voted for a 25 basis point cut. He didn’t vote for a cut of 50. So how could he say anything else, based upon the information he has today? Here is the text from an article: “”Just sitting here today, I think 50 basis points would be overdone,” Bullard said in an interview with Bloomberg Television. “I don’t think the situation really calls for that, but I would be willing to go 25 (basis points).”
    Didn’t we know that?? What else could we conclude from his actions last week?

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