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It Only Gets Worse From Here For Steve Mnuchin…

Mnuchin in the hot seat.

Mnuchin in the hot seat.
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5 comments on “It Only Gets Worse From Here For Steve Mnuchin…

  1. WMD says:

    Professional poker player for 5 years here: the clip where you say “Steve is probably lying”…

    Watching the clip looking explicitly for tells I noticed 2 very distinct things.

    1) Steve almost never blinks. Ever. Like way less than normal. High blink rate is a lying/bluffing tell, but a below-normal blink rate is a trait very common to those who enjoy the gift of psychopathy. It was famously pointed out that Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos fame hardly ever blinks. Very high hit rate on that tell.

    2) While Steve is talking, his head is “shaking no” from left to right, but ONLY in the stretch where you think he’s “probably lying”. This is exactly what you think it is–a subconscious desire to distance himself from the very words coming out of his mouth. The words coming out of his mouth are all about how he “respects the president.” Notice when he says he supports the independence of the FED and that he chose the right person, he’s shaking his head yes.

    Unrelated, if you were wondering, yes, Jussie Smollett is lying.

  2. MaggieD says:

    The “credible” continuum as rubric to measure the perfidy of the cabal of slimy political floaters, in the cesspool that is WH squatter and grifter Orangehole’s administration, is quite brilliantly done – quite.

  3. MC says:

    WMD, have you evaluated Trumpster by the same criteria? Just wondering.

    • jamaican says:

      MC, no need for that.
      If his lips are moving, he’s lying – he has no “tell” as he lacks the sophistication associated with that.

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