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Trump May Fire Mnuchin If Stock Selloff Continues: Reports

You had a good run Steve...

You had a good run Steve...
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8 comments on “Trump May Fire Mnuchin If Stock Selloff Continues: Reports

  1. Anton Sommer

    It shld work the other way around. It is about time to fire Donald Trump as president. A sworn in person on the american constitution, should -never ever- go ahead authorising to spend billions while the government is shut down, lacking permission to rund, as neither the House, nor the Senate nor the Congress gave authority to comitt to spend that money yet

  2. What is the mean banana republic PE?

  3. Trump urges the public to “buy the dip”…quite a dip to buy on no margin.

  4. Stock market continuing its collapse may get Trump to fire Munich. So what will it take for the GOP to oust Trump? Seriously, what would be the last straw?

  5. monkfelonious

    Jingle bells, jingle bells…….! Laughing all way……!

  6. The speed of the market decline makes me wonder at what point margin calls will turn this into a continuous spiral down. We may already be there. I believe that market-wide margin data is released just once a month, so there’s no ability to analyze day-by-day changes. For me, the question is whether the 2150-ish level will hold, which is where the S&P was at the election two years ago, before the sudden upturn. The question I don’t know is: How far BELOW that 2150 level does the market have to fall before those buyers will be forced to sell? I’m not a technicals guy, but it seems to me that is the bright line in the sand, below which the wheels could completely come off.

    Anyway, with likely lower volume over the rest of the week with the pros off for the holidays, there could be nothing to check the retail investors’ forced margin call sales. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the markets drop another 10% by New Years. We’ll see.

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