Ray Dalio Now Expected To Endure On-Air Abuse From Famous Nobody Joe Kernen

If I told you that Ray Dalio showed up on Squawk Box on Monday and ended up in a pseudo-shouting match with Joe Kernen, the first question you would probably ask yourself is "Who is Joe Kernen to argue with Ray Dalio about anything?" The answer is obviously "nobody" - and on multiple levels. For one thing, Joe is "nobody" in a kind of general sense, where that means that outside of anyone who enjoys watching financial news, nobody knows who he is. If you didn't watch CNBC and you Googled Joe,

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8 thoughts on “Ray Dalio Now Expected To Endure On-Air Abuse From Famous Nobody Joe Kernen

  1. Joe Kernen represents ignorance and poor preparation for interviews. I watched him interview the finance minister of ireland. Joe was dumbfounded when informed by the finance minister that ireland used the euro as a currency.

  2. I don’t understand why the GOP presumptively claim to be the protectors of capitalism, despite often blowing out the budget deficit, driving the economy into the ditch and/or inheriting much of their wealth. This also resembles their claim to be the protectors of patriotism despite bone spurs and not knowing the words of the national anthem.

  3. I stopped watching CNBC financial show largely because Joe is insuffably obnoxious. His demeanor is an instant depressant in the morning.

  4. Dalio doesn’t care what people say. How much Dalio success is grounded in knowing personal limitations as a preventer of taking inappropriate portfolio risk? All of it.

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