Ray Dalio: ‘I’m Raising My Probabilities For All Kinds Of Wars’

“I’m not saying they’re probable, and I’m not sure that my assessment is right.  I’m just saying that it seems to me that the odds have increased relative to where they were, and I am just sharing the thinking that leads me to that conclusion.”


Ray Dalio’s Message From Last Week Is Even More Relevant Now Than It Was 7 Days Ago…

“At the same time, I can’t help but wonder if the trade war is part of a bigger impending conflict.”

Ray Dalio: ‘US-China Trade War Would Be a Tragedy’

“If on the other hand we see an escalating series of tit for tats, then we should worry.”

Trader: Here’s Why I Would Fade Ray Dalio’s Massive Short

“We will probably never know, but I think it’s an interesting exercise to speculate on the reasons for the massive bet.”

Ray Dalio: ‘About 10 Days Ago’ I Thought We Were One Place But Now I Realize We’re Actually Somewhere Else

“Let’s start by putting what’s happening within the context of the classic short-term debt/business cycle.”

Bridgewater: ‘There’s A Much Bigger Shakeout Coming’

“There had been a lot of complacency built up in markets over a long time”…

Ray Dalio Calls For Bond Market Crash, Warns Drivers Not To Rear-End Semi Trucks

Ok, well on Wednesday, Dalio was kind enough to speak to Bloomberg whose correspondents are also in Switzerland and now, he’s calling for “the largest bear market in bonds that we have seen since 1980 to 1981.”

Ray Dalio: You’re Going To Feel ‘Pretty Stupid’ For Holding Cash

Listen, Ray Dalio has a set of “principles” ok?

Ray Dalio Reveals The ‘Tragic’ Aspect Of The GOP Tax Plan

“… won’t have any notable effect on our biggest economic, social, and political issue, which is the conditions of the bottom 60% and the growing disparity with the top 40%.”

Ray Dalio Is ‘SALT’y About Tax Reform

“While we have talked a lot about the effects of growing wealth and opportunity disparities in America, we haven’t talked enough about”…

Let’s Watch Ray Dalio Deliver A Largely Indecipherable Ramble About I’m Not Sure What

“Tightenings become progressively more concerning because as you move along they’re more and more difficult to get perfect. As we’re progressing, we’re entering a period of greater risk in the nature of the market.”

Let’s Listen To Ray Dalio Explain How Janet Yellen Is Creating Inequality

“…looking at average statistics could lead the Federal Reserve to judge the economy for the average man to be healthier than it really is and to misgauge the most important things that are going on with the economy, labor markets, inflation, capital formation, and productivity, rather than if the Fed were to use more granular statistics. That could lead the Fed to run an inappropriate monetary policy.”

‘I Ought To Know Better’: Jim Grant Apologizes For Suggesting Bridgewater Is Fishy

“Bridgewater is a secretive and eccentric firm and I let my suspicions of that get in the way of our ordinarily comprehensive due diligence.”

‘And Yet Here He Is, Laying It All Out Again’: Jim Grant Is Bearish On Ray Dalio.

“They are not investing. Yet here he is, laying it all out to the world again – necessarily doing less of his day job than he would otherwise do.”

Dalio: If Gary Cohn Leaves, It Would Be ‘Terrible For Markets’

Again, this isn’t about whether you like Gary Cohn or whether you think he’s a good choice for the Fed. This is about uncertainty in markets and the extent to which Donald Trump’s ineptitude is setting the stage for all manner of volatility down the road.