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Ray Dalio: You’re Going To Feel ‘Pretty Stupid’ For Holding Cash

Listen, Ray Dalio has a set of "principles" ok?

Listen, Ray Dalio has a set of "principles" ok?
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9 comments on “Ray Dalio: You’re Going To Feel ‘Pretty Stupid’ For Holding Cash

  1. Erik Ogard

    About a month ago I told you that my impression of Dalio as an investor (as opposed to a business man) is “Meh.” I stand by it. But I do think the final leg of this bull is like the Nasdaq from Jan-Feb 2000. We can run here…so Dalio is short term right. Remember March 2000? That’s how this is setting up. I’m fine riding the trend. But becoming a buy and hold investor now is problematic. Lot’s of individual investors are piling in now after sitting out a long time….that’s how it always goes. Musical chairs…..don’t be the last man standing when the music stops.

  2. Where do the lemmings end up? I’ve never met one, but I’m beginning to feel like one? r.

  3. PaulMiller

    Currently, I agree with Dalio. But if the facts change, I am willing to change my mind.

  4. The only thing that has stayed on my mind after reading this column is that I really want a chili dog now.

  5. Free Capital

    Mostly I have a lot of respect for Ray Dalio and enjoy hearing what he has to say. But, “we’ve had a beautiful deleveraging”? WTF?!!! Which charts on leverage is he looking at?!! I don’t know; I just know they aren’t the same ones I’m looking at!!

  6. His comments are being widely misconstrued as bullish. Listen again carefully. Dalio is no dummy. I could go on, but just listen again to the full transcript.

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