Fed Minutes: Most Say Outlook, Risks Warrant Leaving Rates Unchanged For The Remainder Of 2019

Fed Minutes: Most Say Outlook, Risks Warrant Leaving Rates Unchanged For The Remainder Of 2019

There's a certain sense in which it doesn't matter what the March FOMC minutes reveal about the rationale behind the Fed's signaling that rate hikes are off the table in 2019. For one thing, the dots had to "catch down" (if you will) to the January pivot, so it was just a matter of how dramatic the shift would be, but more importantly, the institution itself is under siege from the White House, where Donald Trump seems hell-bent on politicizing the central bank and making monetary policy behold
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7 thoughts on “Fed Minutes: Most Say Outlook, Risks Warrant Leaving Rates Unchanged For The Remainder Of 2019

  1. Trumps base ranks as a misguided populist movement because that very base has no clue about whether or not any of what is going on is of any benefit to them. The Republican party owns this uncontrollable mess though not even they know whether Trump is fish or fowl.. The fact that party politics dictates all is obvious in the three crowning goals….killing Obama Care….the famed Wall..( and what else )…but Tax breaks for corporations… The rest of prosperous Americans are onboard for rising equity prices until the Wheels fall off. Trashing the Fed is a natural selfish instinct the political establishment shares because were it to fulfill it’s Mandate ….well Hell…inevitably the market would go down and we can’t have that.
    So I am asking someone ….How does this end.??

  2. This whole low-vol, Fed-fed, 4-month rumor rally asset Ponzi, between about 15% of America, has been a targeted socialist playground for plutocrats to use the U.S. Treasury/Fed as a Fortnight ilk video game racket. Yes, I’m aware that’s not how the markets work; but since the Great Bush Recession the world has existed on the cotton candy gauze of government-funded speculation -as-economic policy. Yes, a lot of brilliant “economists” and analysts have theoretical recondite explanations to rationalize it – but it’s just a high stakes table in a casino for people who own the people who own the House.

    The breathtaking Apollyon Pit of debt created to be monetized and shoveled into this 11 y/o bastard child market, begat of some transmogrified neoliberalist economic fascism has now become a transparent Treasury rape. For real. And it is manifestly fucking with actual democracy and the epi-epi-epi-hope of MOST of the country ever achieving a scintilla of the Ignus Fatuus American dream. Inequality IS NOT just a political cudgel – it has become frighteningly worse esp. under the goose-stepping bootheels of the GOPer cult (who, unlike the Democrats, have been unapologetically kicking the shit out the electoral prize because they get it: winning IS (the ability to take~) everything.

    I can’t wait for Tim Cook or Jeff Bezos to realize that the chairs of this dovish buyback bubble are increasingly more sparse when the music stops. One of these days on of the algos are gonna scream FIRE! in the (not very) crowded theatre and I, for one, cannot wait.

    1. What is your perfect world? You love the use of the English language to dazzle us with rhetoric, but who is the special leader that you embrace to lead us out of the darkness? Certainly not Joe Biden. Elizabeth Warren with her 2% wealth tax for an annual dues to live off of your inheritance? What is your idea of “fair”? Enlighten me, please.

  3. So basically here we are with out of control wealth inequality and relatively stagnate wages in a ‘QE trap’.. Meanwhile inflation is the central metric by which they ‘make decisions’ but their ‘previous 2 decades of decisions’ have had basically no effect on materially spurring inflation. After all, when you basically supercharge corporations, banks and the one percent’s ability to horde liquidity while ‘crossing your fingers’ that will have some sort of ‘trickle effect’ on the general populous, that is a bit of wishful thinking on a trillions of dollars scale. Surprise, benevolency as core fiscal policy does not mechanically work!

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