Dear Steve, It Is Time To Do Your Patriotic Duty By Defying Congress On Trump’s Tax Returns

As a matter of course, we bury the lede in virtually every, single post we publish in these not-so-venerable pages, but we're going to break with historical precedent here and just give you the goods right up front. Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal sent a letter (embedded in full below) to IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig on Wednesday demanding six years of Donald Trump's tax returns. Neal cited, among other things, the committee's oversight responsibilities. "We must obtain President Trump

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5 thoughts on “Dear Steve, It Is Time To Do Your Patriotic Duty By Defying Congress On Trump’s Tax Returns

  1. He’s pathetic. Mnuchin is pathetic. Kudlow is pathetic. It’s amazing what somewhat normal human beings will do for frequent trips on private jets and the occasional hummer from an adult film star.

    1. No! That’s the brilliance of the Orangehole racketeering cabal and their anti-truth serum dystopia: irrespective of what Scummo does with slimy-syllabled Mnuchin – it won’t take enforceable effect until at least 2025!

  2. This is a great actual America First journalistic summation.

    H.R. is a great writer with a surfeit of brilliant snark and delightful prose, which I enjoy as a lover of the craft itself; but these straightforward, unapologetically righteous reports about the critical mechanics of our very democracy – and the unprecedented GOPer perfidy to vitiate the proecesses which the Constitution articulates to prosecute the truthful vetting of miscreants precisely like the grifter Orangehole – are exemplary,

    Dude is my kind of patriot!

  3. Great article. But I don’t like the headline. It’s not a matter of defying Congress. It’s a matter of defying or violating the law. The law is simple and unambiguous. There is no discretion offered to the Secretary. The obligation of the Secretary is ministerial.

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