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Politics As Usual: Full Week Ahead Preview

Risk on, but for how long?

Risk on, but for how long?
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4 comments on “Politics As Usual: Full Week Ahead Preview

  1. Jed S Bickman

    Thanks for this; the little 5$ a month I pay you is probably the highest-value money I spend — as always incredibly useful.

    It would make a huge difference to me, though, if you’d put the time scale of your charts in the caption of the chart, where you give the attribution. I can’t tell without opening the chart and then zooming in on the legend in the upper-left, and it makes a huge difference whether I’m looking at an intra-day chart or a weekly chart or what. Just an idea, some feedback I wanted to share.

  2. And especially the fries…crispy on the outside, tender on the inside please…

  3. …and the punchlines, save till the end…

  4. …and anonymity, so I can pretend to be funny…

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