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Shutdown Will Cost US Economy More Than Trump’s Wall Within 2 Weeks

And for what?

And for what?
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6 comments on “Shutdown Will Cost US Economy More Than Trump’s Wall Within 2 Weeks

  1. I’m furloughed. My wife is furloughed, too, so we currently have zero income.

    After providing that (brief) background, let me say that this shutdown is 100% the fault of Donald Trump, and 20% Mitch McConnell’s fault. I know that is more than 100%, but it’s not like there’s an abundance of logic among our leaders these days. McConnell could end this any time, of course, by simply bringing up a vote to override Trump’s veto of the various spending bills, but I guess he is scared of being called names on the interweb.

    At any rate, I completely agree with your assessment above. Giving in here (by the Democrats) will just open the floodgates to becoming the “new normal” of the president demanding a new, different policy concession every fall. This is nonsense. Policy should not be combined with withholding (or threats of withholding) funding for already-existing government programs. There are some nuances to that, of course, which I just deleted because they went on for awhile and are irrelevant to what is happening here.

    There’s also the issue that the $5.7B is just the first payment of what will ultimately cost around five times that much.

    Whenever there is a shutdown, I am sometimes asked, as a Federal Government employee, who do I blame? The answer is always the same: It is the party (or, in this case, the person) who is attempting to alter the status quo by bootstrapping a policy argument or demand a change in existing law onto a standard annual funding bill. It’s pretty clear who that is every. single. time.

    Finally, why isn’t anyone clamoring for a wall along our northwest border? Alaska is only three miles from Russia! By my calculations, I think we can construct a barrier along the entire Alaskan coast for only $370T. Totally worth it.

    • George, Sorry to hear about the furlough situation for you both. I think your math is a bit off…it’s 100% Trump and I am going to give Mitch 120% fault. If he could remember that as a Senator, his allegiance is to the Constitution rather than his party, so much of this wouldn’t have come to pass. I would venture to say we wouldn’t have Trump because the whole make Obama a one-term president strategy helped give rise to the loons on the right and he would have had the guts to issue the statement prior to the election that the Russians were in cahoots with Trump.On the bright side, if he declares a state of emergency, the Dems can use that the next time in office to declare climate change an emergency or lack of health care access an emergency.

      • Thanks. I had the good fortune to listen to H last June and sold my emerging markets holdings, so we’ll be fine for awhile, unlike many of my colleagues at work.

        Great point on the climate-change emergency. I hadn’t thought of that!

  2. Just a couple of quick thoughts — I have stuff to do and in a hurry — President Assface does not give a hoot about the financial costs of his lying bullshit Wall vs Shutdown because tax money is being used/wasted and since he does not even pay taxes, it ain’t his money anyway. We recently learned that one of his arts of making deals is to walk-out of negotiations as he did the other day so why in the hell doesn’t he just go ahead with that and walk out of the damned White House? ♫ Joy to the World

  3. Well, I’m still shocked this dipshit got elected. Long story short, as bad as Trump is (and he’s the worst), the Dems still continually fail to get Americans ‘on their side’:

    Dems needs some serious, basic schooling, in PR. It’s NOT DIFFICULT to craft a consistent, intelligent, uplifting msg and then get your BEST people out there to sell it. Stop putting your least-liked, or least-respected people on the ballot, or in front of the camera.

    C’mon. End this nightmare. This free ‘consultation’ is worth $millions.

    • haha! that ballot process has barely started and I already have more than 3 I like! After what assface has done to the GOP, they will all be afraid to run…waste of time!

      I think you are just not following the correct news coverage or not doing your homework. No, your advice is silly and produces the wrong contenders. It’s not a game show or realty tv. Nice try, though. hahaha!

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