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Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed To Supreme Court Amid Protests, National Outcry

"I want to thank the mob."

The fate of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court was effectively decided on Friday afternoon.

The Senate held a procedural vote Friday morning and three of the four undecideds (Collins, Manchin and Flake) voted to advance the nomination. The GOP lost Lisa Murkowski, but Republicans could afford that as long as Collins and Flake didn’t break ranks.

Flake, who upended things on September 28 with a dramatic last minute call for a one-week FBI probe, said Friday he would support Kavanaugh following the conclusion of that investigation which critics say was little more than a perfunctory effort on the part of the Trump administration to pacify the handful of Republican Senators who still have a conscience.

The GOP clearly wasn’t interested in getting to the bottom of the allegations against  Kavanaugh. If they were, they would have subpoenaed witnesses for last week’s hearing instead of making it a “he said/she said” affair. Hilariously, Kavanaugh very nearly missed the slam dunk by launching into a bizarre, conspiratorial rant on the way to sobbing over his now infamous calendars and professing his undying love for beer. He went on to perjure himself more times than anyone could count.

Republicans didn’t seem to care about the perjury nor were they particularly concerned about the fact that Trump’s latest Supreme Court nominee appears to have a shorter fuse than the President himself. Rather, the GOP was only concerned about cleaning up the sexual misconduct allegations with a farcical 5-day “investigation”, which of course turned up no corroborating evidence for the allegations, precisely because it was designed not to.

Thankfully, the New York Times spent the last week proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Kavanaugh misled Congress and the American public with regard to his drinking and also with respect to how he’s inclined to behave when drunk. In other words, when the White House wouldn’t allow the FBI to do its job, the free press went ahead and did the Bureau’s job for it.

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In any event, Susan Collins sealed the deal for Kavanaugh on Friday afternoon when, following a lengthy explanation, she said she would vote “yes” on Saturday.

Fast forward 24 hours from Collins’ speech and Kavanaugh was confirmed after a final vote that found multiple protesters screaming (loudly) from the gallery and being forcibly removed. Here was the scene when Pence began:


Collins, Manchin and Flake all voted “yes” (to loud jeers).

Earlier Saturday, Trump renewed his attacks on protesters. “Women for Kavanaugh, and many others who support this very good man, are gathering all over Capitol Hill in preparation for a 3-5 PM VOTE”, the President tweeted, before tacitly maligning the anti-Kavanaugh crowd as follows:

It is a beautiful thing to see – and they are not paid professional protesters who are handed expensive signs.

On Friday, the President told his 54 million Twitter followers that “elevator screamers” (like those who confronted Jeff Flake last month), are funded by George Soros, an absurd contention that could have walked right out of an Alex Jones video.

Hundreds of people have been arrested this week protesting Kavanaugh’s nomination.

On Saturday, in an interview with the Washington Post, Mitch McConnell mocked Democrats, protesters and, implicitly, women. “I want to thank the mob, because they’ve done the one thing we were having trouble doing, which was energizing our base”, he said.

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14 comments on “Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed To Supreme Court Amid Protests, National Outcry

  1. Anonymous

    Who took a polygraph, and who didn’t and then couldn’t hold up in a hostile environment? So, obviously some things are more important to some people than hiring the right person. There’s obstruction of justice going on, and now we see jury tampering at the highest level. The 25th amendment needs an extension that exacts the death penalty for lying to the public. And people need an update on lie detection technology.

  2. Anonymous

    mass hysteria (n): A socially contagious frenzy of irrational behavior in a group of people as a reaction to an event.

  3. Anonymous

    Meanwhile MBS executed a reporter inside their embassy in Turkey. Trump probably wishes he could do the same.

  4. Anonymous

    Collins is 2020 toast.

  5. Hey, Walt. I want your views on markets, geopolitics, the Fed, and all other things economic. I don’t want political rants or cheerleading. I feel sorry for you if you think anyone involved in the Kavanaugh hearings is innocent. Both sides have been and are playing all other sides against the American voters and will continue this disgusting game until we all get together and call them out on it. There are NO innocents in the Senate today. All of them (Rep. & Dem.) should be ashamed of their behavior these past weeks.

    • Anonymous

      “I don’t want political rants or cheerleading.”

      So don’t click on links to political articles?

    • Hi Eric,

      I don’t care what you “want”. This is a site about markets and politics and I’m a trained political scientist. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to visit. I’m the landlord here, you’re just a visitor. I make the decisions. What you “want” and don’t “want” is immaterial.

  6. It would seem history can repeat. This article is like reading about Germany in the late 1930’s.

  7. “. . . are funded by George Soros, an absurd contention that could have walked right out of an Alex Jones video.”

    But, w are now hearing (today) reports that the woman who got in the face of Senator Flake is on the payroll of one of the Soros front organizations in the US.

    Heisenberg, as in the principle you are named after, stop altering the reality by injecting your opinions into the mix.

    • Larry, in case you haven’t noticed, this is an opinion-based website. if you don’t like my opinion, you don’t have to read it, but if you’re the type who is inclined to buy into or otherwise spread Right-wind propaganda, I can tell you that you are highly likely to be banned from commenting should you start posting anything that I find to be representative of the kind of poison pushed by the likes of InfoWars.

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