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Trump Says George Soros Is Funding ‘Elevator Screamers’


If you, like every American, watched Matt Damon’s hilarious impression of  Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday Night Live last weekend, you probably remember his (Matt’s) parody of Kavanaugh’s “Clintons” conspiracy theory.

For those who somehow missed it, here is Damon, mocking one of the more egregious parts of Kavanaugh‘s wholly bizarre conspiratorial rant:


Damon is of course referencing the alt-Right’s absurd penchant for blaming everything in the world on George Soros, who some propagandists (e.g., Alex Jones) would have you believe is behind everything from Idaho yogurt-tuberculosis conspiracies to the potency of legal marijuana.

Well, everyone knows that Donald Trump is an Alex Jones fan (in an infamous appearance on InfoWars in 2015, then-candidate Trump praised Jones for having “an amazing reputation”) and a fan of conspiracy theories in general, which is why I suppose it should come as no surprise that on Friday morning, ahead of a test vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination, the President said this on Twitter:

The very rude elevator screamers are paid professionals only looking to make Senators look bad. Don’t fall for it! Also, look at all of the professionally made identical signs. Paid for by Soros and others. These are not signs made in the basement from love! #Troublemakers

Trump is probably still fuming about the fact that Jeff Flake’s decision to call for an additional FBI probe into Kavanaugh was seemingly prompted by a confrontation the Senator had last Friday:


Again, it isn’t surprising that Donald Trump would tweet something as insane as what he tweeted to 54 million people this morning.

It is, however, rather shocking that the President of the United States would say something like that on social media. That is the leader of the free world, on Twitter, suggesting that women protesting the Supreme Court nomination of a man who stands accused of sexual assault, are acting at the behest of George Soros. In order to “prove” that theory, the President is citing signs that he says are clearly “not made in the basement from love.” Just try to wrap your head around that.

And I guess that really gets at the heart of the issue. If you’re not surprised that Trump would say that, but you are surprised that a U.S. President would say it, then what you’re really saying is that you’re still surprised Donald Trump is President.

The above is just more evidence to support the contention that he really shouldn’t be.



3 comments on “Trump Says George Soros Is Funding ‘Elevator Screamers’

  1. Somehow this day feels a lot like the day after the election in November 2016. Something incomprehensible is coming to pass. Kavanaugh becoming a supreme court justice, after demonstrating on the national stage just how badly suited he is for such a significant and almost sacred office, is like Trump becoming President.

    • Anonymous

      Clarence Thomas had a rant of his own. So now it is a Republican tradition.

  2. Says the orange mushroom head who pays blacks to attend his white power rallies and hold up “Blacks for Trump” signs printed in a handwritten font, so he can brag about “his African Americans.”

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