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‘Boof’ Isn’t Flatulence And ‘Devil’s Triangle’ Is Not A Game’: Whitehouse On Kavanaugh Yearbook

Any questions?

During Thursday’s wild testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Brett  Kavanaugh was at pains to explain his 1983 high school yearbook entry.

The entry, shown below, contains thinly-veiled references to drinking and, of course, sex.


To be sure, there’s nothing unusual about high schoolers talking about drinking and sex.

What is disconcerting (if not unusual, given the picture we’re now getting of Kavanaugh) is the idea that, decades later, a Supreme Court nominee would tell bald-faced lies during sworn testimony to Congress.

During Thursday’s hearing, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse quizzed Kavanaugh about the meaning of some of the references in that yearbook entry. At one point, Whitehouse asked Kavanaugh to explain, for the record, what he meant by “boofing”.

You’ll note that the wording of Kavanaugh’s reference (“Judge, have you boofed yet?”) is copied verbatim in a similar entry from Mark Judge, who Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford claims witnessed the alleged sexual assault that’s at the heart of the firestorm around Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. “Bart, have you boofed yet?”, reads Judge’s page. In Judge’s memoirs he references a character named “Bart O’Kavanaugh” who had a penchant for vomiting in vehicles and passing out drunk.

In other words, if you don’t think Brett is “Bart” and that “boofing” is either a reference to drinking or sex, then you are either a stone cold moron, or you’re being deliberately obtuse. Sheldon Whitehouse is neither:


Got that? Kavanaugh would have you believe that at age 16, he and Mark Judge were simply asking each other if they’ve farted yet.

Now let’s just go ahead and ignore the fact that even saying that is a tacit admission that Brett = “Bart” (something Kavanaugh would attempt to kinda, sorta deny), and focus on how absolutely absurd that contention is. “Boof” is clearly a reference to either ingesting alcohol anally or else to anal sex, with the latter being far more likely given how the slang term has evolved. Period. Just Google it, because apparently Sheldon Whitehouse did.

Additionally, the term “Devil’s triangle” means a male-male-female threesome. It’s not a damn “drinking game” as Kavanaugh would have you believe. And even if it was, that kind of begs the question here because after all, this is a guy who spent hours on Thursday trying to play down the idea that he was a figurative “devil” who drank heavily.

In any event, Whitehouse on Friday revisited Kavanaugh’s absurd obfuscations and lies and delivered one of the most straightforward, common sense-based assessments of Thursday’s farcical proceedings that anyone’s heard yet.

We’ll present it here without further comment because frankly, if you don’t understand what’s going on here by now, then there’s no hope for you…



8 comments on “‘Boof’ Isn’t Flatulence And ‘Devil’s Triangle’ Is Not A Game’: Whitehouse On Kavanaugh Yearbook

  1. I watched every minute from 8:45am to 6pm yesterday and am watching again today. I am beyond furious.

    I had already done my homework before it even came up in the hearing and when it was asked about Boofing and he gave his farting explanation, I shook my head with a chuckle knowing he was lying and then immediately was outraged because he wasn’t even challenged by anyone nor was it brought up again.

    All to say they let that lying bastard get away with his “responses” including the ones that were not even a response to a question and instead was some attack on the entire process or how horrible it was for him or worse, some snotty retort — has he ever passed out from drinking and his response was “have you?”. And they let him get away with that without admonishment?

    That entire hearing was a joke. Those republican senators committed a crime against the United States. This entire performance has been produced and directed by the ass in the oval office. The give-away on that was when the lying bastard kavanaugh spewed that all the lies and assault on his spotless reputation was spurred by the revenge of the Clinton’s against trump. oh, please!

    I would really love to see Dr Ford file charges against him in Maryland – then let’s see what is discovered in a real investigation when they interview all his friends and associates that have already made comments that were not part of that circus yesterday. And his poor little buddy Mark Judge and his pathetic “poor me” excuse that lowlife Cruz threw into the mix! He has only himself to blame and Kavanaugh gets to milk it to the max to keep him away from testimony!

    Yes, the entire performance is a well-planned crime against the United States.

  2. Lmao. You just need to know the language of jocks and frat boys.

  3. “In a surprise turnaround, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) today joined Democrats in calling for a one-week delay in voting on the Senate floor on President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, to allow for an FBI investigation into the sexual assault allegations against him.” — LA Times, 28 September

    Surprise, indeed, I never saw that coming. Someone must have really pissed off Flake on his side of the aisle… or maybe he is a really careful, thoughtful person.

    • I was watching when it all happened! A flurry of confusion for a few minutes and I held my breath! There was a series of events you will most likely see on the news and Flake came back into the meeting and made a statement that he wanted a week’s time to allow FBI investigation as a step in healing the separation and anger. Other’s joined in fairly quickly. Much confusion, then suddenly their 2 hour window closed and Grassley adjourned the meeting and people were freaking out — they had no idea what the hell just happened. It took some time to get it all explained and YES, unless the ass in the oval office interferes, there will be an investigation. And the most recent “breaking news” is Mark Judge has agreed to meet with the FBI to talk about his ol’ buddy. haha!

  4. You are wrong… “DEVILS TRIANGLE” sometimes referred to as Bermuda Triangle is a
    drinking game using 3 soho cups… played similar to beer pong or quarters. It is not easy to find with the obvious search engines being flooded with “Kavanaugh”… it you do some reverse research… it is there!

    • lol — you don’t even get an ‘A for effort’ for that crap. He is a disgusting lying pig. The bread crumbs of his life leave a trail of evidence.

  5. Maybe 100 entries at Google to read if you want to check it out Mr. Anonymous et al:

    This link has the truths about his other definitions:

    and if you read enough of all offered, it sure appears some deceitful republicon made some alterations to wiki — the trace on who/where the change was made is built into the wiki system. 😜

  6. “We have lost our norms” said Donna Brazile, referring to her party’s behavior concerning Kavanaugh’s hearings.

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