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Brett Kavanaugh Is Proudly Brought To You By Beer, Official Beverage Of SCOTUS Nominees

"I like beer".

"I like beer".
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11 comments on “Brett Kavanaugh Is Proudly Brought To You By Beer, Official Beverage Of SCOTUS Nominees

  1. Thank you for providing your usual well constructed, thought, and written summary of this event. Well worth a covfeffe a month to read your musings.

  2. Thanks for highlighting these excepts and for the cogent analysis.

  3. monkfelonious

    I’ve read a lot of commenting today and I can say that your’s stands above anything from CNN, Huffpo, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and numerous others. Being an Alaskan I only hope that Lisa shows her stones. I realize that that is a stretch, but every once and awhile she does surprise me.

  4. Lance Manly

    He does act like he would be a mean drunk.

  5. random_clown

    Obviously one side or the other is bigly lying. Nothing new about partisan lying, done especially deliciously in the name of God. Like the right to bear arms and smoke pot and worship fairies, maybe it’s simply time to enact a constitutional amendment for the right to lie …

  6. Mark Judge must be questioned. A letter from his lawyer is no substitite for his testimony.

  7. Great precis, but you left out one really important moment of extreme douchery that reminded women of every belligerent frat boy they’ve encountered and all the assholes who’ve interrupted and talked over them in meetings and tried to a question back on the questioner to avoid answering and taking responsibility.

  8. In todays environment… way in hell clarence thomas would get confirmed. given his zero majority opinion leads, he was hired for his intellect

  9. so does confirmation light a fire under non-trump people to show up to vote……or does confirmation give momentum to gop for the mid-terms? too many lose-lose scenarios in america right now. voting against candidates, rather than FOR a condidate, choosing the lesser of two evils…..some might say thats they way ‘they’ want it.

    i still think bernie could have beat trump in the general….their target audience was the same yet one was lying, and had the record to prove it.

  10. I entered a comment this morning on another column from Heisenberg. I believe my comments also appropriate for this column. Rather than paste my comment here, I would like to ask that you read the other column and my comment posted to it. Thanks!

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