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Mike Pompeo’s Twit Pics Aside, Secret U.N. Report Shows North Korea Has Not Stopped Nuclear Program

We're going to need more Elton John CDs.

"I had the chance to speak with my North Korean counterpart Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho today", Mike Pompeo tweeted on Saturday, describing the exchange as "quick and polite" and noting that the U.S. delegation to the ASEAN regional forum in Singapore "had the opportunity to deliver Donald Trump's reply to Chairman Kim’s letter." Mike was even kind enough to share a fun picture. (Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shakes hands with North Korea's Ri Yong Ho, Saturday, August 4) Earlier this week, Trump referenced an apparent correspondence with Kim that the White House subsequently billed as an effort on Pyongyang's part to "follow up" on the Singapore summit in the interest of "advancing the commitments made" at the June meeting. In a Thursday tweet, Trump thanked Kim for returning the remains of fallen U.S. soldiers, a symbolic act that the administration has been keen to pitch as evidence of good will on the part of the Kim regime. "Also, thank you for your nice letter - l look forward to seeing you soon!", Trump said in the same tweet. It's almost sad to watch a U.S. president being manipulated by a 35-year-old despot, but Trump's various antics and brazen balderdash aren'
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1 comment on “Mike Pompeo’s Twit Pics Aside, Secret U.N. Report Shows North Korea Has Not Stopped Nuclear Program

  1. Error404 says:

    Just for the sake of balance it’s worth noting that the Houthis are heavily outgunned in their attempt to resist a Saudi/Emirati genocide. No….’genocide’ is not too strong a word for what the Saudis and Emiratis have been engaged in around Hodeidah – ably assisted by former special ops personnel from the UK and Australia, by serving US special ops teams, by US-operated drones, and by USAF air-to-air refuelling assets. What are being refuelled are Saudi and Emirati strike aircraft whose targeting is done with the active participation of US intelligence personnel working alongside Saudi counterparts at Saudi airbases. To try and tar a bunch of people trying to resist this array of firepower by moaning that they have the temerity to talk to Iranians and North Koreans, as well as….shock, horror….to fight back by launching missiles into Saudi Arabia is just a tad short of being fully balanced.

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