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‘It’s Incredible’ – I Think.

Monday, Monday.

Monday, Monday.
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10 comments on “‘It’s Incredible’ – I Think.

  1. Honestly, I’m considering getting a Hong Kong office in the next 5 years

  2. TRUMP SPEECH GUESTS TO INCL. PARENTS OF KIDS KILLED BY MS-13? Disgusting cheap, typical trump. So, can we please see some sort of verification these dead kids (no offense) were not the opposing gang that lost the battle that day? Or perhaps just a few that did not pay their drug bills? Or did they steal from the other gang?

    His big event will be almost a repeat of any one of his campaign rallies – been there, heard that, no more. Not watching that crap! Sorry, when horseface liar got to the part about must-watch tv, I had to laugh — she said that with a straight face!?! Surely there will be a decent repeat on the Animal Planet Channel, far better entertainment for me!

    About trump having nothing to do with McCabe stepping down — it really seriously pisses me off that the bloated pig has the audacity to even breathe the word unethical when he speaks of anyone’s behavior! trump certainly is the most unethical human on this planet – he has cheated and lied his entire life, stealing from his own charity foundation (lol), spewing sewage to hurt and defame any person who crosses his path or speaks against him, you have heard it all before – even cheating at golf – cheating on every wife – paying off people to not tell his sex secrets (lol), he is such a civilized respectable honorable man….PUKE.

    • The ‘Derangement’ is strong with you, Murph.
      Pay him no heed. He’s the living, breathing Law of Murphy spewing & blathering at the world since his bellybutton lint fondling was interrupted by the cable news.
      Something, yes, has gone wrong with the Murphy itself.
      The Acute Libtoid Cog-Diss Derangement Syndrome has apparently infected the very dialectic core of the Universe.
      Bigly Winning, I’d say.

    • Murphy, you’re a really sick puppy! Get over it.

  3. Yo, Heisenberg.
    Are you entering menopause or something?
    We all know the econ blather from any Federal critters is BS.
    Please spare us the personal attack obsession, though.
    It’s not grown-up.

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