A Dumb As Shit, Hopelessly Idiotic, Crazy Moron: What Michael Wolff Says Trump’s Associates Think Of Him

A Dumb As Shit, Hopelessly Idiotic, Crazy Moron: What Michael Wolff Says Trump’s Associates Think Of Him

It's probably safe to say that whatever was left of Donald Trump's sanity has flown the coop over the past 24 hours. Excerpts from Michael Wolff’s new book, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" rocked 1600 Penn. on Wednesday, kicking off what promises to be a protracted and brutal war of words between the President and former strategist Steve Bannon who, according to Wolff, suggested that Don Jr.'s Trump Tower meeting was tantamount to treason. The book will be published on January
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8 thoughts on “A Dumb As Shit, Hopelessly Idiotic, Crazy Moron: What Michael Wolff Says Trump’s Associates Think Of Him

  1. June 1, 2016 – Michael Wolff’s interview with trump – at the very beginning – before all the shit hit the fan.

    I certainly did not read this at that time. I have now read this column from Heisenberg which relates a whole bunch of Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, and have seen wide media coverage and discussions and tremendous exposure. I hope it pins more guilty as charged on trump!

    Heisenberg gave us this June 2016 article to read which I did not read yesterday. Catching up on links today and read this one, provided in the very first sentence that Heisenberg quoted (above): “I interviewed Donald Trump for The Hollywood Reporter in June 2016, and he seemed to have liked – or not disliked – the piece I wrote. “Great cover!” his press assistant, Hope Hicks, emailed me after it came out (it was a picture of a belligerent Trump in mirrored sunglasses).”

    If you too skipped that link on the word *interviewed*, you absolutely MUST take the time to read it right now. I also provided that link at the beginning of my comment here, at the top.

    I feel sure you will see the trump we now have did exist then. He is worse now. It is clear in the interview that trump is only in it for trump and has little to no regard for what is now known as “his base”. I appreciate that Heis has provided us the information via this column and I only wish that all of America had read and paid more attention to the phony disgrace of a man who ultimately became president. He clearly was not interested in serving as president. He only wanted to win and achieve the recognition and see more machine guns surrounding his home.

    This June 2016 interview and resulting article by Michael Wolff proves that his 2018 book is the truth.

    1. Murphy,
      I may be an “idiot” as you have said but you really can’t accept this guy Wolff as anything but a tab writer hoping for his 15 minutes of fame – and he got it! Wolff would sell his Mother on the street if it got him a glimmer of recognition (maybe he has?) I think even the Heis has disdain for this guy.
      Keep on keeping on.

      1. Ed, your comment is more proof you are an idiot. Just because he writes the truth about your boyfriend that literally hundreds of people think is just plain ignorant does not make him shady. Heis is entitled to think any thing he wants to, just like me and just like you.

        By the way, I am curious — how many id’s do you use on this blog? Anonymous and Ed and bobrady or something like that?

        1. I mean, he taped the conversations. And if Trump sues, those tapes will be played in discovery. So you know, this is just another one of those times where people are in denial and nothing is going to stop them from persisting in a fantasy world. It’s just like how Trump and Fox and the right-wing blogosphere said Mueller probe was nothing. And then Manafort was indicted. And then Flynn pleaded guilty. Nothing matters in these people’s minds. They can’t admit to themselves that were duped this badly. But when it comes to Wolff, there’s this: https://www.axios.com/how-michael-wolff-did-it-2522360813.html

          and again, those tapes would be played if Trump sues.

        2. Murphy. new to this computer stuff. signed on as Ed last month but couple days ago the Heis said had to sign up for something else to continue getting his stuff. Bobrady has been my signal for awhile. Don’t know about the 3rd Id you say I have. If it was intelligent, I claim it!

          1. adding liar to your composite now. Originally you signed on as Anonymous, then added the Ed and now this new bobrady. The only thing I know about Heis saying a couple days ago was to introduce his Forum link. You are not new to computer stuff – you just think you are funny. ha.

  2. Hello readers….I would really like to read something new….how about some creative and independent thoughts on an alternative present and future. What if this country were run by: (pick your poison)…Romney, Hillary, Bernie, Warren, Paul Ryan, Mao, Xi, Stalin, Putin, the Pope, Attila the Hun, Jamie the Dimon, or Mario Gabelli? What if there were no Constitution, or if we just ignored it like we are presently doing?.. Would you like to have the rules of a civilized society?…What is civilized anyway?..Why can’t we be happy?…Maybe we should look for guidance from the primitive peoples….Or maybe our personal God… expressed as our higher self… could inspire us to be a better people, in a contagious sort of way. Our individualism…. and our exceptional potential, as derived from the power of positive thinking, will ultimately carry us to the future of our choosing.

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