4 Round Numbers, Apple, And Wednesday In Charts

The Dow has hit four round numbers since Trump has been in office:


And that’s a good thing, because that other measure he’s previously touted as a symbol of the world’s faith in his leadership has hit eight round numbers (only in the opposite direction) since he said the dollar was strong because “people have so much confidence in me”:


Apple of course soared, but it clearly wasn’t enough as illustrated in the following completely useless but still funny 1-day chart:


The SNB had a good day:


Notably (given the recent trials and tribulations of the autos), Honda rose sharply on a  higher profit forecast:


Treasuries were whipsawed early, as a series of block trades went off in and around the Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee meeting minutes:


Not a great day for European stocks, which followed their US counterparts lower when the latter dipped earlier in the session. European shares have closed lower four of the last five sessions.


The euro isn’t helping, and while the common currency did give back a mid-day spike to a 30-month high, all you really need is this chart:


Meanwhile, the pound is sitting near a 10-month high ahead of the BoE:


Oil was a rollercoaster as neither humans or robots can figure out whether the outlook is bullish or bearish:


What we do know is that imports of Saudi crude are surging again:


HY bond yields are within shouting distance of record lows (i.e. junk is essentially “riskless” according to markets):


With yields having fallen for 10 straight sessions at one point last month:


Oh, and the VIX very nearly tagged 11 which these days is notable:



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