61% Of Stupid White People Now Say Trump Is Insane

"Would you say that Trump is level headed, or not?"


Meanwhile, back in the real world, Trump’s approval rating just hit a record low, according to the Real Clear Politics poll average.


And it gets better.

The new Quinnipiac University poll has some truly hilarious tidbits if you’re willing to sort through the results.

For instance, 71% of respondents now say that Trump is not “level headed” or, stripping away the euphemism, nearly three-quarters of respondents think Trump is crazy.

That’s an all-time record:


Also note that 61% of white voters with no college degree answered “no” to the level headed” question, which, again stripping away the euphemisms, means that nearly two-thirds of stupid white people think Trump is probably insane.

Oh, and 37% of Republican respondents answered “no” to the same question.

Only slightly less amusing are these figures:


So 44% of white voters with no college education are now “embarrassed” that Trump is president.

And while it’s completely fair to say that these numbers are so divided along partisan lines as to be almost useless, I can’t help but wonder if it’s normal for (almost) no Democratic respondents to say they are “proud” of their President.

I could go on, but do I really need to?



14 comments on “61% Of Stupid White People Now Say Trump Is Insane

  1. I’d like to conduct a poll.

    Do these stories make Trump’s day or
    do they cause every sphincter in his body to pucker up beyond control?

    August 1, 2017

    Ari Harow, a former chief of staff and aide to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is set to turn state’s witness as part of the ongoing investigations into alleged corruption, according to Hebrew media reports Tuesday.

    And in other news (expected to pucker up Trump) today Israel Police grilled Sara Netanyahu, for Fourth Time Over Alleged Misuse of Funds. Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife is expected to be indicted for fraudulent misuse of government funds.

    read more:

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHA! Oh yeah, he has visions of Reince (sp?) flashing in his head!! maybe even a few more faces too!

      – Murphy

  2. “white voters with no college degree . . . means that nearly two-thirds of stupid white people think Trump is probably insane.”

    As a white person with an advanced college degree, I found this generalization a bit insulting. No, condescending. Wait, wait . . . elitist. A much better word.

    I know plenty of people without a college degree who are not stupid, just as I know plenty of people with college degrees who are complete idiots.

    Honest, I like reading this blog, but that particular assumption has me question the character of the person who expressed it so callously.

    You see, I too can generalize, to wit, people with dubious character don’t care about others in general, so my castigation is likely to be laughed off with the same off-handedness and base language as might be employed by someone like The Mooch, a person, we might all agree, whose high opinion of himself routinely allows him to view others as beneath him and therefore worthy of dismissal as inconsequential.

    • or maybe you’re thinking about it too hard. maybe it’s called: “writing a good title for a post”

    • That was in the body of the post:

      “Also note that 61% of white voters with no college degree answered “no” to the level headed” question, which, again stripping away the euphemisms, means that nearly two-thirds of stupid white people think Trump is probably insane.”

      I don’t object to calling people stupid, but you singled out people without college degrees as stupid. Do you really think everyone without a college degree is stupid? Or is it just poorly worded?

      That’s a serious question, by the way, not rhetorical; I would like to know if that is your honest opinion.

  3. Anonymous

    Gee Golly Guys, I kinda took it as a tongue in cheek reference to people without college …. ME! and if I was not insulted, why would you be with your advanced degree and ‘all that’? I think it weird that someone could judge another person’s character (!) based on some cutesy title of a column. WTF?

    – Murphy

    • Well, I’m glad you weren’t insulted. I wasn’t either, but in reading those words, I was immediately reminded of my parents, a few friends, my brother, and a few more perfectly fine individuals, all of them not stupid, all of them without a college degree. I could either ignore this and tacitly go along with the joke, or I could say something in their defense.

      I have this weird thing about speaking up for people. Imagine for a moment if that had been a racial or gender or sexual orientation reference. How about fat people? Short people? People with bad hair? And before you ask, no, not a SJW; not by a long shot. But, insulting people? Generalizing for a laugh? Yeah, that kind of pushes my buttons.

      What can I say, I’m weird that way. I also judge by what people say and do. I especially judge by the way that people treat others, both in actions and words.

      Weird, huh?

      • Anonymous

        I’m kinda weird like that too and I defend when they are the subject of an attack — certainly not the case here. By the way, I think it is interesting the word “white” was inserted into that question…why not just stupid people rather than stupid white people? So actually there is some racial reference there. Perhaps you meant to say ‘racist’ in your second paragraph. Your entire 2nd paragraph is submitted to explain your over reaction or to present an entirely different issue? Maybe you are just wound too tight and need to take a calming breath, relax. Weird, you ask. Oh yeah.

        – Murphy

      • OK, let me explain a different way . . . I enjoy reading this blog.

        In part, that’s because I have a level of respect for the person who writes it. Mind you, I don’t know him as a person — I assume it’s a him — aside of what he writes here.

        That respect, such as it is, is born out of assumptions and insomuch as those assumptions align with characteristics I admire. I mean, I don’t know; the guy could be a total jerk, but if it doesn’t come through in his writing, I’ll never know or care.

        But, I do want to know this particular thing (he hasn’t answered yet, so I’m left with my initial impression) because it informs what he might say about social issues, policies, and such.

        Could be that after this I’ll limit my reading to just financial issues or even a limited number of financial issues.

        This isn’t me “wound up too tight” . . . in fact, I’m fairly calm; listening to music, I am. Notice, I’ve not insulted anyone, nor am I responding to your dismissive tone even when you misread what I wrote.

        This is just me wanting to clear up a nagging doubt about who I’m reading and listening to.

        As for your involvement, I appreciate the feedback. Ironically, if I followed the sentiment of this post, I should probably just dismiss your opinion out of hand as having no merit (I won’t).

        That said, I’m really not interested in a debate nor to strenuously defend myself. I can’t help how I feel as I’m sure you can’t help owning your opinion. To that end, perhaps it’s best if I leave things here as I’m unlikely to burst out laughing in a sudden enlightenment regarding just how funny that “joke” was. As Popeye is wont to say, I yam what I yam.

        Again, thanks for your input.

  4. After reading the WSJ interview with Trump I felt sorry for him! He could not keep a thought in his mind long enough to answer questions that required more than a few words. He had much difficulty recalling names and events from his recent past. And of course he cannot overcome the effects of his narcissism.
    It is no wonder the WSJ did not want to publish the interview. They might have felt it would be cruel.

  5. Anonymous

    DISPERSER, I did not misread a damn thing that you wrote. And to quote your last sentence of your first post up above “a person, we might all agree, whose high opinion of himself routinely allows him to view others as beneath him and therefore worthy of dismissal as inconsequential.” It’s been real.

    – Murphy

    • If I gave the impression that I consider myself superior to you or anyone, I apologize. Old age has taught me otherwise.

      As for being dismissive, I think you misunderstand. I clearly acknowledged your right to your opinion, but I can do no less with my own, and I do so without any claim of it being superior to anyone’s; it’s just my opinion. No more, no less.

      I’m not sure what you are looking for. Are you suggesting I should change my mind, apologize for questioning the author of this post, and admit some sort of defeat? Have I asked that of you?

      This isn’t a contest. I’m not trying to change your mind. I’m merely defending my opinion. You can certainly hold it as being wrong or the product of being wound too tight, but if you asking me to go against my nature, I’m sorry, but I cannot oblige.

      Or, am I misunderstanding? What do you want me to say? What are you expecting to hear?

      Perhaps I’ve blundered into one of those blogs that are nothing but echo chambers. If so, again, I apologize. I mean no disrespect, and I’ll blend back into the background as a silent observer.

      However, I still think what was written is was in poor taste, biased, and speaks to a mindset I view with little charity.

      Perhaps to you, I’m blowing this out of proportion. That’s great. That’s fine. I’m not asking you to agree with me. But I’m not sure why you are so insistent that I should retract or backtrack in my views. That said, I’ve reached my limit as to how far I will bend to apologize. If you insist on taking everything I say as adversarial, or an insult, or somehow challenging you, then I see no point to continuing. If this reply, which includes apologies, also causes you offense, I’m all out of apologies.

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