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Risk Appetite Evaporates As 18 More Contacts Between Trump, Russian “Godfather” Revealed

Everything was going (relatively) ok and then...

Everything was going (relatively) ok and then...
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6 comments on “Risk Appetite Evaporates As 18 More Contacts Between Trump, Russian “Godfather” Revealed

  1. Here you go, what is wrong with this tweet? https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/865169927644340224

    “With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never a special councel appointed!”

    • Um, everything? Not aware of any illegal acts committed in the Obama administration or the Clinton campaign, unless you count Russian hacking of Clinton campaign e-mail servers.

      And “counsel” is misspelled.

  2. As an independent I am well aware of the many sins – both legal and extra legal of both the Bush (including being accused of War Crimes) and Clinton administrations (including being accused of murder and being impeached).

    How is it that I feel no better about US Presidential candidates since, in general and or the one recently elected when he asks for the same legal (illegal) latitudes as his predecessors ultimately received – just to maintain his 4 month old legally catastrophic and disastrous Presidency? This is intellectually absurd – essentially juvenile logic (Remember your Mom’s attempt to challenge your 10 year old intellect – “If Johnny jumped off a cliff would you jump off, too?) and this constant comparison/deflection does not address resolving the current criminal/treasonous accusations and obvious rapidly growing no-confidence vote that the majority of political leaders and Americans now give Donald Trump and his “so-called” administration – again only four months into a four year term.

  3. Anonymous

    Well, the link Lance Manly provided, does not work for me: “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” But I will note that it must be a tweet written by Trump, proven with yet another word the imbecile cannot spell. I read elsewhere his rant about this “witch hunt” and what about blah blah blah crap. He needs to quit spouting about all the illegal acts committed by Her and Him….not true….there were none…. only a bunch of gossip made up and repeated by that Fake News loop that he also rants about while pointing his finger at the wrong people. Some of that gossip actually was conjured by his own self! ha!

    Lance Manly, your man (well, I assume your man since you seem to be trying to deflect off him) – your man is corrupt and evil. Has been since he was only a child. Still a child in many ways. He is emotionally highly unstable; temperament aggressive and vicious; intelligence hahahahaha!; experience – well he bragged about his incredible business acumen but has proven zero. He has disqualified himself repeatedly in the last few weeks by his performance not to mention the waste of our tax dollars so he can go play golf every f’n weekend.

    The lid is about to come off this massive cover up and you know what — I would not be surprised if even Trump is shocked because there is a chance he is indeed totally clueless. He is just too stupid to know he is stupid.

    – Murphy

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