“We Watched Them Drop The Bombs” As Trump Considers Options In Syria, A Quandary For The Alt-Right


It’s Thursday and the alt-Right faces a quandary. A “riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”

See, Donald Trump has decided that Moscow be damned, he doesn’t like seeing “beautiful little babies” gassed to death.

To be sure, it wasn’t immediately clear that the President had any idea what he was talking about on Wednesday. He described the chemical agent used in this week’s attack in Syria as “a gas that is so lethal – people were shocked to hear what gas it was.” No they weren’t. People were indeed “shocked” but they weren’t shocked “at what gas it was.”

But that aside (or maybe “that Assad” is better), Trump does know intuitively that chemical weapons are bad and on Thursday, reports are circulating that he’s exploring the possibility of military action against the Assad regime.

In a rare break with Trumpian precedent, the President came right out and acknowledged the glaring disconnect between his new approach and what he said just four years ago when criticizing the Obama administration:

My attitude toward Syria and Assad has changed very much … You’re now talking about a whole different level.

And that brings us to the alt-Right’s quandary.

See now, the folks whose pro-Russia, pro-Assad, pro-Trump line has to this point been consistent, must choose. It’s either stick with Trump and admit that maybe Bashar al-Assad did indeed gas his own people, or stick with the Kremlin and call Trump a “neocon” puppet for suggesting that the US will take action against Moscow’s ally in Damascus.

Watch as everyone’s favorite alt-Right media outlets struggle to pick a side and/or otherwise reconcile what just became two competing foreign policy narratives.

And do note which side they pick. Because that will tell you something about where the money may be coming from.

Meanwhile, in terms of the whole “false flag” meme (detailed here on Wednesday), consider the following out this afternoon from the Pentagon:

Syrian fixed-wing aircraft dropped chemical weapons on civilians in Idlib earlier this week in a deadly attack which killed at least 83 people — including 25 children — and injured at least 350 others. The U.S. military saw the aircraft on a radar and watched them drop the bombs.

Now cue the maybe-Russian-backed alt-Right with this: “Of course they would say that.”


2 thoughts on ““We Watched Them Drop The Bombs” As Trump Considers Options In Syria, A Quandary For The Alt-Right

  1. You could just feel free to stop reading. I am sure you will be missed, dearly.

    As for the rest of us, we will certainly continue reading.


  2. Trump is going to be this inconsistent on every issue. That’s going to be the one joy of his miserable presidency–watching conservatives twist themselves into pretzel shapes trying to defend him, as he contradicts everything he previously did or said he would do.

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