Barclays Channels Morpheus, Mows Down Tesla “Blue Pill” Case With Machine Guns

"Red-pilling the Tesla bull case."

Regular readers know that other than our daily rundown of analyst actions, we don’t generally take time out to highlight individual calls on stocks because frankly, we just don’t care. And honestly, we don’t think you should either to the extent you’re interested in finding out what moves markets at the asset class level.

That said, sometimes people say really dumb things which is why we created our popular “bullsh*t research” series (most recent installment here). And while what we’re about to show you doesn’t qualify for that series, it sure qualifies for something. Maybe “bold” or “eccentric“.

See the thing is, Barclays is really – really – skeptical about Tesla. Like -50%-ish skeptical.

And while, again, we don’t care one way or another, we’re willing to go out on a limb and bet that some readers do.

So given that, here’s the call. Make of it what you will…

Via Barclays 



5 comments on “Barclays Channels Morpheus, Mows Down Tesla “Blue Pill” Case With Machine Guns

  1. They are technologically challenged as is Tesla. A little company (symbol: HYSR) is advancing by leaps & bounds in the production of cheap Hydrogen gas in a process similar to photosynthesis. It is renewable and far cheaper than photovoltaic systems which will never convert more than 35% of the sun’s energy into electricity. Hydrogen fuel cells are the wave of the not-to-distant future……

  2. shadonoz

    What happens to Tesla when a breakthru makes LiON technology obsolete?

  3. you know what, i kind of agree with barclay here. The stock is completely unrantional, so further upside could be happening regardless how insanely overvalued the company is

  4. Ooh, look! Heisenberg finally got a spammy post touting a penny stock with magic technology! Dr. David makes it clear that Mr. White has hit the big time.

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